Make Over Your Mornings – Increase Homeschool Productivity


Make Over Your Mornings

Increase your homeschool productivity

A 14-Day Online Course by Crystal Paine

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  • Do you often wake up feeling behind—before you even get out of bed?
  • Are you constantly frustrated that it seems like you are so busy, but you have very little to show for all your effort?
  • Are you worn down and worn out by all the hats you are wearing and balls you are juggling?
  • Do you wish you could find time to refuel your tank, improve your health, invest more into your family, or even just to slow down and breathe?
  • Are you someone who feels fairly “on top of” your to-do list, but still feels empty? Do you feel like there should be more passion and purpose throughout your day?

Make Over Your Mornings is a 14 day online course designed to increase your homeschool productivity, streamline your routines and have more organisation in your life, giving you more time to invest in the things you want – family, ministry, homeschool, refreshment.

If you’ve ever wished that you could figure out how to get more done, have more organization in your life, and find time to spend on things you love, the Make Over Your Mornings Course is for you.

It’s not about following a one-size-fits-all system (because every woman and family is different!), but about creating a morning that is in line with your life, your strengths, your family’s needs, and your unique situation.

In this 14-day course, you’ll:

  • Develop a morning routine and before bed routine that actually works—and that sets you up for amazing success!
  • Streamline your morning tasks so that the biggest priorities are accomplished first.
  • Learn how to make to-do lists that support your day, instead of strangle your life.
  • Create realistic, but stretching goals and then follow through with them.
  • Discover the power of accountability and how to implement it into your life.
  • Establish internal and external motivations to create perseverance in your new routines.
  • Find time to refuel your tank and make space in your day for things you love.
  • Experience much more focus, organization, and clarity in your daily life.
  • Transform your mornings—in just 15 minutes a day!

Each day you’ll read a short chapter in the handbook, watch a short video I’ve recorded for you with practical tips and encouragement + an inside peek in Crystal’s  home and family life, and you’ll have a simple but impactful project to complete.

In total, these three things were designed to be completed in 15 minutes or less. This small investment—just 15 minutes of your day—can yield potentially amazing results for yourself and your family.

When you purchase this course, you’ll get immediate access to all of the following:

  • 14 high-quality videos with motivational encouragement from me — one for each day of the course.
  • A behind-the-scenes peek into our everyday home and lives via short video clips throughout the course.
  • A comprehensive workbook with 14 chapters filled with practical ideas and inspirational encouragement.
  • Daily projects to guide you on your 14-day journey and help you implement and apply what you learned from the daily video and chapter.
  • Printable worksheets to walk you step-by-step through some of the projects and motivate you to follow through.
  • Additional links and resources for each day, if you’d like to dig deeper on a subject.
  • The course videos and materials can be accessed via any desktop computer, laptop computer, smartphone, or mobile device. You can choose to print the workbook or download it to your computer or phone.

This course is self-paced and you have lifetime access to all course downloads. You can begin it at any time and you can go at your own pace!

You can order the Make Over Your Mornings course risk-free right now. Then watch the videos, read the workbook, complete each day’s project, and enjoy the results for a full 30 days.

If at the end of 30 days, you’re unsatisfied for any reason—if Make Over Your Mornings doesn’t do just that, “Make Over Your Mornings”—please email us for a full, prompt, and cheerful refund. No questions asked!

Crystal writes… 

Some of you might be wondering, “Is this just another course on task management? Aren’t there apps that can handle that?

While creating a to-do list that serves you (rather than strangles you) is one of the lessons, it is just one of the many areas I guide you through in the course. Getting a handle on schedules, lessons, appointments, and chores is a key component. But there is so much more than that!

What is unique to this course is that I walk you through systematically making over your morning routine, but the transformation doesn’t stop in the mornings. Taking an intentional, disciplined approach to your morning will revolutionize your entire day, your week, your month, and your year.

I am passionate about freeing women from living in survival mode in order to live their lives with focus and intention, and this course is designed to do just that! Getting a handle on your morning routine is not simply a fix-it plan to make breakfast and morning chore time easier (though it will do that).

It’s not just a new schedule to ensure that you have some time to read, sip coffee, and plan your day (though it will do that too). The Make Over Your Mornings course will dramatically alter your life, because it will equip you to approach your entire life with focus and purpose.

If you are interested in this course and would like to support AussieHomeschool, please use our affiliate link to click through to the site.


Home School High School

Homeschooling High School Blog Hop at Every Bed of Roses 2015

Home Schooling through the High School years is a thought typically framed with fear and anxiety. We have 18 homeschooling mothers who have grouped together in order to lift the veil on homeschooling through the high school years, in order to equip and encourage you. You are more than able to home school your children all the way through to graduation. We invite you to mark your diary and follow along.

Home School High School Topics
Over the next seven months we will be sharing some insights into the following aspects of home educating through the high school years

  • 24 June – Planning for High School {How and When,ways to/how we’re planning to earn college credit while still in high school, Meeting High School Requirements, how to assign credit when there aren’t tests, What records do you keep? How do you present them? What influences your method, your emphasis in certain areas?}
  • 29 July – Electives {Following Passions, following interests, fitting a job in with school, and Being intentional in Preparing for what comes after high school, Life skills.}
  • 26 August – Math, Science, Biology, History {What do you use ? Why do you use … ? What influences your choices/selection? }
  • 30 September – Language Arts {Poetry, Literature, Composition, writing, What influenced your choices/selection?}
  • 28 October – “How am I going to teach High School …?” {Addressing the fear factor of teaching subjects we struggle with or know nothing about, How to achieve credit in subjects your student *hates*}
  • 25 November – How do you fit it all in ? {homeschooling high school alongside homeschooling the others, Fostering Independence, Do you generalise or specialise? Schedules,}
  • 30 December – Graduation { Fostering Independence, How do you know when they are done ?}

Introducing your Home School High School Hosts

We pray that you will be encouraged and inspired to home school your children through the high school years.


April Aussie Homeschool Blog Post Round Up

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Jolene from over at Yummy Inspirations shares Our Homeschooling Routine and Lunch Box ABC’s.


Cathy from over at Too Many Flower’s Travels shares their resources for an Australian Space Odyssey and Glimpses of Greek.

inspirational videos

Anastasia from over at Montessori Nature shares her Top 10 Inspirational Montessori Video’s Online.


Waldorf Homeschooling Mama of two shares Autumn: Wet-On-Wet Painting over at Waldorf/Steiner Homeschooling Two Boys.

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Homeschool 4 FREE

Chareen over at Every Bed of Roses shares some FREE resources for Homeschooling and a photo essay of the Blood Moon in Melbourne.

Meet an Australian Homeschooler: An interview with Suzie

Meet our next Australian Homeschool Mum. Today we are interviewing Suzie who blogs over at Suzie’s Home Education Ideas.

Tell us a little about yourself and/or your family. Does your family have an interest, hobby or passion?

My family enjoy being outdoors. We enjoy going camping, nature walks, bike riding, swimming, tennis, dirt bike riding and just being in each other’s company.


How long have you been homeschooling?

We have been homeschooling for just over three years now.

Were you homeschooled? Tell us about your school experience?

I was not homeschooled although my young sister and youngest brother were homeschooled for a short amount of time.

Were you always going to homeschool, even before you got married?

I never really thought about homeschooling before my husband and I got married. It was while I was at university that the idea of homeschooling come to me and my husband and I began discussing it.

Would you like to share about how you started homeschooling?

We have always been home educating our children since they were born as our children never went to childcare. We listened to some bad advice and sent our son to preschool for a few short months and then to kindergarten before we removed him a few months later and continued to home educate him. We knew our son wasn’t ready for school and we also knew that the school environment would not suit his learning style or his personality but felt outside pressure to put him into the school system.

Tell us a little about your children

We have three beautiful children. Our son Master M is 8 years old and loves science and maths. Our daughter, Miss L, is 4 years old and is very much a self-directed learner and is very bright.  And our youngest daughter, my not-so-little baby, is almost 3 years old and loves having stories read to her and enjoys playing with play dough.

Where do you do most of your homeschooling?

We have a nice balance of our learning occurring outside where my children can play and learn naturally as well as doing more structured learning inside our home in our learning space.

Tell us about your typical day. Do you follow a routine?

We live in the top end of Australia where the weather is HOT! So we spend the early mornings outside playing, exercising, learning and just enjoying the nature around us. We then take shelter inside our cool home during the hot part of the day. While we are inside we start with reading stories together for my son will read to my daughters and I. This is usually followed by some spelling and word activates and possibility some letter, postcard or birthday card writing. We stop for some morning tea and continue with math which is followed by science, geography, history, visual arts or whatever else my children are interested in at that time.

Literacy Learning

What’s the first thing you do every morning to get ready for the day?

Coffee is always a good start!! On a more serious note, making sure my children are all fed, some housework has been done (a load of washing, dishwasher packed etc) and my children have all had a cuddle and kiss and told that they are loved.

What would you ask for as a homeschooling parent if you could have anything you wanted?

I would ask for more time in my day. I seem to get to the end of my day and still have so many things that still need doing and just run out of time.

What is the hardest time of day for you, as a homeschool parent?

Getting dinner ready is definitely the hardest part of the day. My little one is tired, I am tired and still good food needs to be made and family needs to be fed.

What is the best and/or easiest time of day for you?

The mornings and evenings are definitely the best part of my day. We get to leisurely we up and start our day without the rushing, stress and hassle that school brings. This is the best time of day to connect with my children too. I also love the evenings when my little girls are in bed and my son and I get to share a book together or build a lego master piece while we talk together.

When was your defining moment of deciding to homeschool your children?

My defining moment came when I had been watching that spark and joy slowly dwindle from my sons eye, watching him become more anxious and stressed (he was 5 years old too!!) and then he burst into tears one morning begging me not to send him to school. I never sent him back and applied to homeschool that same day.

Do you ever feel like you haven’t accomplished a thing at the end of your homeschooling day?

There are days when I feel like that but by reflecting on my day, I can see how in many ways, even if no structured learning had taken place, learning was still occurring in incidentals moments throughout the day.

Describe your educational approach.

I think the best label that would fit us is an eclectic approach to home education. Almost all of our learning is child-led learning in that our children follow their interest and we support their learning in whatever they are interested in. We also use parts of the Montessori way of learning in that we keep learning hands on and support and guide our children’s learning rather than teach them. We also use the Charlotte Mason approach in that we use living books (books without twaddle) to learn from when it comes to science, nature, history and other stories.

What is your favourite subject to teach?

Funny thing is that I never really liked science or maths as a student and these are the subject areas that my son loves. So while I have been supporting his learning, my love for these subjects have blossomed which has surprised me.

Hands on maths

What’s your least favourite subject to teach?

I don’t have a least favourite subject as whatever my children are interested in, then I am more than happy to support their learning and encourage them where I can.

Do you plan to homeschool through high school, are you homeschooling a high schooler?

We plan to homeschool for as long as it works, as long as our children are happy and learning and if that means through highschool then so be it!

What has been the biggest challenge along your homeschool journey?

When we first started home educating, my biggest challenge was juggling a newborn baby, a toddler as well as a five year old who was learning. Now, my challenges are slightly different as now I have three young people who are learning and keeping up with their learning and their interests is diffidently my biggest challenge as of late.

Do you use a curriculum and if so which one ?

We have two curriculums that we use. The first one is the Targeting Maths curriculum and we use this mainly as a guide as we extend learning beyond the student book and into real life situations. We also use All About Spelling as my son has struggled with spelling as asked for lessons to help him. The rest of the subject areas are directed by child-led interests and filled in by charlotte mason suggested literature.

Are you qualified to teach your children?

Yes I am. I know my children better than anyone else so I know what they like, how they learn and what suits them best. I have been supporting their learning since birth and I intend to continue to do so as they grow.

What is the one “chore” you, personally, would rather avoid?

Cleaning the floors is almost a daily job as we learning in our home but thankfully I have a supportive husband who helps me with the floor and other house work.

What do you do to relax?

Believe it or not I blog for relaxation. In many ways blogging helps clear my head of all the learning my children have been doing and it helps me reflect on what they have learnt and how far they have come. I also enjoy going for a quiet walk by myself and getting some quiet time to think.

What is the hardest thing about homeschooling for you?

Finding “me” time is always hard as there is always house work to be done, food to cook, children to care for and learning to prepare but in many ways, my life is full and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What do you love most about homeschooling?

Watching my children learn is the absolutely BEST thing about homeschooling. You know that moment when they finally get something and that spark in their eye lights up and off they go….I just love watching that! I love that I am daily building a relationship with my children and making memories that will last a life time. I love that I am able to support them to LOVE learning as this will benefit them for the rest of their life.

Play-based Learning

What is a favourite Bible story and why?

The story of Hannah and Samuel, without a doubt is my favourite bible story. Having experienced infertility for many years together with pregnancy loss, the story of Hannah and the faith that she had that God would one day give her a baby, gave me incredible strength and hope during those times in my life when all I could see was darkness.

What is your favourite verse in the Bible?

And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, t those who are called according to His purpose Romans 8:28

What is your favourite homeschooling book?

At the moment, I have two books that are my “go-to” books and they are Project-Based homeschooling: Mentoring Self-direct Learners by Lori Pickert, and How to Raise and Amazing Child: The Montessori way to bring up caring, confident children by Tim Seldin.

What are you reading at the moment?

Lots of different homeschool blogs!

What is your idea of a perfect day?

Every day that we home educate our children is as perfect as it gets! Of course we have loads of house work, and toys and mess here and there but my children are healthy and happy and get along together, most of the time. So to me that is a perfect day.

If you could give one piece of advice to a new homeschooler, what would it be?

Ignore those that don’t support you, do what works for you and just take each day at a time until you find your groove.

Who would you say has been your biggest influence and inspiration?

MY biggest inspiration comes from my son. I saw such a positive change in my son when we finally took him out of school, not just in his learning but also in his behaviour. I am inspired daily to continue working hard to support my children in their learning.  And in return I am learning so much about myself as a mum and as an educator.

Do you have a homeschool mentor?


Who inspires you?

My husband inspires me. He never liked school and did not do very well so he dropped out halfway through high school. Yet, he has followed his interest, put himself through tafe and then university, and now earns a very nice living working in a field  that he love.


Suzie's Home Education IdeasThank you Suzie for sharing a little about yourself and your family.  Be sure to pop on over to Suzie’s Blog Suzie’s Home Education Ideas.  You can also connect with Suzie on Instagram, Pinterest , Twitter, Google+ and Facebook

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