Week In Review 2018: Week 21

Happy Fresh New Term!! At least it’s a fresh new term for us, & there’s something about a lovely fresh new term that is a little bit like a fresh new week or year. A chance to begin again & reach new goals, to enjoy the journey & discover new things.

Our year has been a bit shaky with making multiple {not normal for us} changes in our curriculum to suit our current life circumstances. While I know that there is much to be said for staying any given course, there is also much to be said to teaching our children to adapt to the changes around them without forfeiting your standards. If nothing else, hopefully this insanely rocky year will have taught our children that simple life lesson.

Our first week back to business went off with a bit of rush & scurry as we dealt with a dead car in the driveway, but thanks to RACT & a great mechanic that was only a small side show to our week. The rest unfolded in a very smooth fashion considering we’d been off for longer than normal, as our final week and a half of Term 2 was riddled with one wild ride of a cold, medical & life appointments I had to help Nana cope with, & a few medical scares of my own.

I really expected our first week back to be a bit rocky & am so grateful that it wasn’t. In fact, I was so stressed that we’d have a stressful week I spent time praying about not stressing. You see the irony in that circle of stress, right? Ha! My kids weren’t too fussed about getting back to things, but they were worried about the insanity starting up again, which makes me extra grateful for a calm week to set the tone for the rest of our term..

Morgan & I kicked off the week with his lovely spines, we’re working at a slightly different pace than the guide has us at as we didn’t finish Term 2 exactly where we wanted to be. We ended up covering from 1936-1941 this week, as we had some extra time & were keen to read ahead as well.

This puts us deep in the throws of World War II, so I’ll be rounding up another lot of movies & other small films to watch. I actually had a few films for this decade flagged that I couldn’t wait to watch with him, so I’m a pinch more than a little excited to be here at last. For those of you familiar with Core 300, we’re using our movies more as our research projects with a bit of, “Hey go look up  what was happening in Australia at that time..”

He happily wrapped up China’s Long March, which isn’t one I can share much about as I haven’t actually read this one. It’s sitting in a pile of many other books awaiting me. He shared some interesting tidbits about the book & we enjoyed debating some notes that Mr Holzmann left in the Guide about the Fritz’ neutrality as she wrote the book.

We’ve revamped our Lit for him for the remainder of the year as well, originally he was suppose to cover Brit Lit this year which he started out doing, but then we realised we were using Lit 200 vs 300. However, after a few prominent books from 300 we swung right back to our Brit Lit choices. So this week he’s reading The Strange Case Of Dr Jerkyll & Mr Hyde.

Jayde picked up where he left off in Core H, but because he was also not entirely where we’d like to be by the end of a 2nd Term {mostly due to our late start} we’ve opted to work at a slightly accelerated rate here too. In fact our Bookshark Level 7 has the perfect schedule for that so I simply pulled it off the shelf. He wrapped up Week 10 in that with his spines, started Arrow Over The Door, & he & I are still reading George Washington’s World together. He really loves this book & I love how the author has so wonderfully intertwined everything that is happening within the time period.

My load with this boy is very very light as he does a fair some of things on his own now with only one book done together. It’s a GOOD thing, because this is what we work so hard for, but on the other hand it’s a little sad too as it just shows how fleeting my time left with him is.

Both boys tackled their FIG {as we now call it}, which if you’re interested you can score a free one from Homeschool Buyer’s Co-op. {Please note, though, that you get a FULL free student book, but only 2 weeks of the teacher book. Still not bad if you’re keen to try it out.} I’m so glad we opted to back up a bit because the clauses are much much easier for them to spot now.

Which may, or may not, be in part due to the fact that they are now using EIW for writing & it starts them out with learning about sentence fragments. So they get an extra dose of practice from both grammar & writing. We opted to move the kids to EIW because it was set up in a much more user friendly way for them to continue working solo while I was dealing with the life events Nana was going through. It just allows them to keep moving at their own pace even when I’m not available. 

Jayde continued forward with his math, I was a wee bit worried about how this would go with an extended period of time off. He actually got sick first, so by the time he was on the mend the rest of us were down & he volunteered to keep us “company” in the sickbay {as in the lounge room surrounded by quilts & a stack of movies..} However, he aced his quiz & only asked for help with one problem which was a fantastic way for him to start off math for the term. He’s really doing very well with the switch we made for him to move to Teaching Textbooks.

Morgan is still in a slight math glitch, so I had him hold off this week so his reentry to things would be a bit calmer & less stress filled. Can you tell I’m big on reducing the stress around here? We’ve had our fair share of it, & it’s just not fun. Ha! This kid was a little worried about not getting any math in, but when I explained why it wasn’t on his schedule he shrugged & kept moving.

We dug back in with our Bible study on Esther, & realised that our next study should really be with the Precept Upon Precept guides for a bit more meat in our studies, but that’s not to say that this particular level has nothing to offer either.

Science also happened this week. For now Jayden & I reading through Painless Earth Science which he’s so-so about. He’d really like Astronomy for the remainder of the year, but it’s really quite difficult to find something suited to the S. Hemisphere. I’m working on it though. Morgan, on the other hand moved on with his Friendly Biology tackling a bit of Chemistry this week. 

Despite being independent we still meet in the mornings & enjoy a few shared things together. Currently that includes our Bible reading, poetry, apologetics, & a read aloud. It’s a great way for my late riser to wake up without feeling rushed & for our day to still be productive & move forward.

Our current, spur of the moment, read aloud is The Adventures Of Nanny Piggins. It seriously is a laugh a minute & I have to admit I’ve been laughing so hard at times I couldn’t even read the content on the pages which elicited a lot of, “What’s so funny?” 

Our current poetry book is actually a rerun as we’ve yet to purchase a new one for the year. This is the book that goes along with the Core Jayden is doing, so we opted to take another run through. Admittedly this wasn’t one of our all time favourite poetry books, but we’ve really missed our early morning poetry sessions too!

We also threw in an impromptu Independence Day celebration, we’d intended to postpone that until the weekend, but some goodies we were awaiting for the celebration arrived on Wednesday, much to our delight, so we ran with it. All up, a really lovely start to a fresh new term!

Week In Review 2018: Week 10

We wrapped up our final week of term last week, with an attitude of wrapping up a few loose ends before the week was out. I wasn’t sure if we’d take a full week off before jumping into Term 2, but Mr S ended up with an extra day off over the Easter Holidays, & our car is booked into the shop 2 days after he returns so off we are then.

Someone in our home is not keen to let go of the Winter Olympics & is doing everything in his power to keep them alive. He’s been working on this painted rock for a while. He’d actually sketched it out & painted it, but been unhappy with some shading he had around Soohorang’s nose & ended up shelving it for a while before he decided how to fix it up. He’s still not 100% happy, but we all know what it is & I think it’s pretty cool that he found a rock that had the shape of one of the ears!

We had an electrician in last week to fix a few faulty switches, a broken oven, & a light socket. The kids were up early because both of their bedrooms had items in them that needed working on. After we finished our Morning Routine I suggested they start on math & at the very moment they sat down the electrician switched the power off. We had ourselves a good chuckle, & then I flipped the hotspot on from my phone for them. Ahh, the downside of Teaching Textbook 3.0, on the other hand, how often do you expect someone to turn off the power in your home without warning?
Morgan wrapped up his first decade in history, we also worked our way threw a few of the videos we hadn’t quite gotten to. Then we decided, on the weekend, to hit the video shop. I was actually looking for a couple of specific videos, including Anne Of Green Gables, which came up in our readings this week. Anne was checked out, & Morgan snagged Star Wars for his little brother instead. In fact, it wasn’t until the time we got home that I realised we’d actually not gotten one thing I’d intended to from the video shop. Ahh well.

Speaking of videos, while at the library the weekend prior I spotted a Captain Cook mini-series from ABC & opted to snag it for Jayden who asked for a little more Australian history thrown in to what he had going on. We popped it on in the afternoons to watch once the other subjects were wrapped up. Word of warning, when Cook & his crew hit Tahiti the women are bare chested. Being completely naive I’d totally not considered the fact we might encounter that. In the photo above my boy opted to look at his DS screen & “listen” along until the men moved out of Tahiti. Ironically in Pt 1 they spend more time there than they do focusing on the crisis that happened when the boat hit the coral reef. I also think this is available on YouTube, but we used the DVD.
We added a new set of words to our vocabulary list. There were a few of the pictures that didn’t quite add up this week. You always know why the picture was chosen based on the sentence on the back of the card, but there are times when, in your own mind, you envision something a little differently. Discrepancy down int he bottom right corner is one that comes to mind.

We wrapped up another 2 weeks in Fix-It, we’re still working at a fast clip until we fall back into place where there were a few struggles. Level 2 is different from Level one in that you focus more on clauses & what makes them clauses vs identifying every part of speech. Ignore the ripped up box in the background, we’ve had parcels rolling in for the past 2 weeks..
I finished reading Murder On The Orient Express one evening & told Morgan to hustle up & get done so we could watch the old & the new movie to compare them both in relation to the book. He said, “Fine! But do NOT tell me what happened!!” I said, “I won’t, I’ll just say everyone did it..” He hasn’t got a clue.. yet. hehe He’s still working his way through The Road From Home as well. Both books are fantastic reads, although the later is most certainly more emotional.
After wrapping up rewatching Unit 7 with Mr Pudewa the week prior both boys had to work through their stories this week. Archimedes was quite put out that absolutely no attention was being given to him during that time. That bird is both a pain in the neck & a hoot.. it just depends on the moment as to which one fits him best. Probably a good thing Jayde only had to work on one paragraph at a go in order to complete his assignment otherwise I suspect the bird would have been fully under the glasses in utter desperation for cuddles.
We finished How To Be Your Own Selfish Pig last week. We found ourselves using the reference a few times over when we noticed ourselves more worried about our own personal gain or interests over that of another person. I appreciate that the lessons stuck, at least in identifying the issues, prayerfully that means they will also have stuck for changing ourselves as well.
This was spotted at our local library & I checked it out for our Olympic crazed child. It was rated PG here so I was a little surprised by the warning in the parental advisory on the box. Not that I’m fussed much for our eldest, but as we wanted to watch it as a family we’re a bit tight with some things for our youngest still. We did watch it together anyway, there was one section during Eddie’s training that we could have lived without, but other than that it was an enjoyable film. We did find it amusing to see an Australian playing an outcast American hiding in Europe. After watching it we looked up the real story & learned that only about 5% of the movie is real. We enjoyed hearing some of the truths behind the fiction, but over all we really did enjoy the film.

We wrapped up our week with a trip to the beach which lasted about 5 minutes before the rain started pouring down on us. All in all not a bad week, I’m looking forward to some normal weeks after the Easter Holidays though.

Core 300 Videos Weeks 1-3

As we wind our way through the modern world history of Core 300, I’m weaving in various documentaries & videos, mostly from YouTube for my boy. I tend to like to leave a trail of what we did so that when we circle through with the next child I can look through my notes, blog posts, & journals to see what we did. That’s exactly what the Core 300 Video posts will be.

My word of warning is that what suits one family may not suit another, & thus if you choose to view the video links I’m using with your own children I’d urge you to read any notes or comments I make about the videos & to also preview it yourself first.  Also note these are not fictional videos/movies. I may, or may not, share what we watch in that regard in an entirely different post.

NOTE: If we were to only watch one I’d watch Tour de France For Newbies YouTube won’t let me embed this one here so I’ve embedded another we watched. However, the linked video is fantastic which speaks not only of the first Tour de France, but also discusses how much of what happens today is a shout-out to years gone by, as well as why some rules have changed from the origional.

NOTE: This video contains a couple of graphic images & a graphic retelling from one of the survivors. This would not suit sensitive viewers, & should be watched at parent’s discretion.

NOTE: this video contains nudity. We chose this video because it shows how AutoChrome looks & mentioned the Lumiére brothers. The display of photos is from a French museum, & one of the images is 3 nude women from a tactful angle so very little is seen.  This occurs at 3:15-3:22.

There’s a lovely 2:10 video of highlights from this Olympic as well, but sadly it’s also incapable of being embedded here. Thankfully I can share the link, because it’s fun to see the time period & the various ways sports, uniforms, & more have changed over the years. If you’re student{s} is as interested to know what happened in the 1904 Olympics you can find a highlight video for that here.