Peak Tutors is about educating kids in the post-industrial age of value-creation learning. Learning today often extends beyond the classroom into new realms of exploration and value creation. For some, this could be in Montesorri schooling, home-schooling, a highly customised education, unique educational adventures, specialist-based education, peer-education, entrepreneurship and much more…

Peak Tutors seeks to bring together parents, kids and educators into a loosely-knitted community operating in the best interest of the child. The merry-team that runs this site is:

  • Jerry – Content Director
  • Wendy – Educator
  • Grace – Educator
  • Dore – Editor
  • Terence – Editor

Come join this AWESOME team!

Home-Schooling Websites
Here is a list of free-ranging homeschoolers:

  • Exploramum by Ruth http://exploramum.com
  • Living Without School by Leonie http://livingwithoutschool.wordpress.com
  • Joyful Parenting by Freya http://freyadawson.com.au
  • Unschooling Downunder by Rachel http://facebook.com/Unschooling
  • DownUnder Travel at the Speed of Life by Graeme and Yasmin http://travelatthespeedoflife.com
  • Out There Family by Liahdan http://outtherefamily.org
  • Defying Gravity by Ingrid http://www.defyinggravity.com.au
  • The Educating Parent by Beverley http://theeducatingparent.com/
  • Stories of an Unschooling Family by Sue http://www.storiesofanunschoolingfamily.com
  • Free Range in Suburbia by Shae http://freerangeinsuburbia.com/
  • Happiness is here by Sara http://happinessishereblog.com/
  • Owlet by Lauren http://www.owlet.com.au/search/label/unschooling
  • Free Flowing Family by Leisa http://freeflowingfamily.wordpress.com
  • Racheous Loveable Learning by Rachel http://www.racheous.com/
  • Free Life Learners by Sandra http://freelifelearners.blogspot.com.au
  • Down on the Freedom Farm by Yomamma, Gav, Flex and Lucky http://downonthefreedomfarm.com/funschooling.html
  • Sparkling Adventures by Lauren http://sparklingadventures.com Suburban Mamma by Ally http://facebook.com/SuburbanMamma
  • Hippy Happy Mama by Andrea http://hippyhappymama.com
  • We Live We Learn by Sarzy http://welivewelearn.com
  • Sunny Homeschool Unschool by Heather http://sunnyhomeschool.blogspot.com.au