Every year when we get curriculum I spend way to much time fussing and bothering over how to make it work the way it came to me. I tend to over listen to the many who like to keep their curriculum in pristine condition for maximum resale value, which I totally understand, but I find that by focusing on resale I don’t get my own value out of it.

HOD is one such curriculum. The guides come bound up as neat little books that sit very nicely on your shelf. It’s a lovely feature to them, especially if you use every aspect of the curriculum, but we don’t. And that means that I won’t find all the details in my guide for everything we need to accomplish in a week.  I found myself really fumbling last year because of that issue, and it drove me absolutely insane. I’m not a fly by the seat of your pants kinda homeschooler. I’m the, plan it out. line it up, put it on the calendar, accomplish it kinda homeschooler.

This year, I spent a few days arguing with myself about cutting up a book that cost me $140 AUD, but in the end I was reminded that curriculum is meant to work for you, and if it doesn’t then it’s not worth purchasing or using. So, I pulled our HOD guide apart, the whole time hoping I didn’t regret it and reminding myself that the worst case scenario was that I could make a trip into the city to get it bound up if I needed to. I’m still not sure how I feel about it, and I suppose the real test will be in the coming year as I put my plan into action.
See, I bought our school planner unbound and used the DISC system on it to bind it up intentionally so that I could add our weekly HOD plans in there as well. HOD plans have a lot in them and it’s more than just reading the book and following great discussions. There’s notebooking, videos, and more to indulge in over the course of the week, and it’s far too much to rewrite in the planner even if I wanted to, which I don’t. After all, the reason I purchased pre-planned curriculum is so that I don’t have to spend my entire year planning what to do next.
After carefully getting all the pages out of the binder and trimming just a pinch off to get rid of the glue and semi-ragged edge I hole punched them. Did you know that Australian hole punches aren’t the same size as US ones? Yep, that’s because our paper is taller, so I had to line up the papers in my punch evenly and then snagged a gold marker to make a line so I knew where to align the bottom of each page. It worked well despite the incredibly crooked line I’ve drawn. 
The results are 35 weeks of school punched and ready for use, and the plan is to pull a few weeks out at a time and slip them in the page protectors that fit in my planner so that I can see the finer details of what we’re doing along with the non-HOD subjects that we’re doing. The idea is to have everything I need in one place at one time instead of juggling it around. Funny thing is I may need to grab pages from another HOD guide because we’re looking at doing the Bible from WG, oh the insanity! 
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