We wrapped up our 2018 School year in November, we’ll still be working on math on and off between now and forever, because.. math.

In the mean time we’re slowly working on getting things ready for the 2019 school year. Our planners arrived this week, which was very exciting. I put our school name on our planner this year, no idea why I’ve never done it before.

I picked it up in the Plum Paper Black Friday sale which was nice as the Aussie dollar is quite low making purchases for school crazy expensive compared to years gone by.

I made the mistake of not ordering a planner for school year, oh man what a mistake that was! I felt like I was limping all year and scrambling around trying to keep things in order, so I had my order ready to roll as soon as their sale went life. Yeah! We picked the eldest up his annual planner this year too, although both of us went with different school layouts. He has the student layout this year, and this is the Homeschool Layout.

The homeschool layout is exactly the same as the teacher, but there’s a “homeschool” section in the back. Not entirely sure I’ll make use of all of it, but I’m keen to have a play with certain portions of it and see how we can make it work for us.

 I mapped out our terms, I like to break them off with washi tape on the page edges, makes it soo easy to see how many weeks we have left in a term or when our breaks are. It took a bit of faith to deal with that this year because we have no clue when the move will officially happen, but we’re hopeful for June, right smack dap between term 2 & 3. Yep, really.

I like the summery feel of the tape on Term 1; we’ll be starting back in January which is our normal for us. A slow start-up to get us back into the groove after a lovely break. We, or at least I, am excited about new curriculum which i’m anxiously watching the tracking on hoping it makes it to our front door before the annual postal close down on our little island.

Term 2 falls just before the Easter Holidays for us, it seems to be that way every year, but that’s one reason we schedule 10 full weeks per term. It allows us 9 academic weeks with one to spare for sick days, holidays, unexpected emergencies, etc.

We may be slightly insane, but based on the time frame we were given for Mr S’ visa we’re aiming to be stateside again in June. We don’t have full control over that, so we have to be willing to roll with whatever God decides for us, but I officially put the tape for Term 3 in July, giving us 3 weeks off for travel, adjusting, etc. We’ll see what happens. If we haven’t moved our term would still start in July anyway, ha!

Dos that washi not make you think of all-sorts? I swear it’s all I can think of after I cut it down to fit. Ahh, anyway Term 4 will run October and end in December, a pinch later than we normally roll, but if we’re stateside we’ll be taking some time off in there for holidays, and the kids are hoping for a snow day or two. Ha, time will tell on that. This Mamma is just praying our bodies don’t become stressed out fighting of lots of germs we may not have been exposed to in the past 12 years.

Now, to get the curriculum in hand so we can plan a few things out! I’ll share what our plans for 2019 are in another post.

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