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Who Has Time to Learn?

by Mystie Winckler

Who has time to learn? Oh, we do. Yes, you and me, sister, even with as much as is on our plate on a daily basis.

To find that time, though, and build the habit of learning, we must not despise the days of small beginnings.

We get a vision in our heads about what learning should look like: our notebook should be just so, we should have a full pen set or maybe even watercolors, we should read for an hour – without being interrupted – and fully comprehend the meaty book for that whole time. We have a cup of tea (or a cold La Croix) and our children are happily playing outside while we read and write and learn.

Sounds lovely, but you and I both know it’s just not reality. So if we wait for that scene or try to make it happen, what will actually happen is that we won’t use the time we do have – the 15 minutes with lunch, the 10 minutes in bed before turning off the light, the 20 minutes before the kids get up, and – quite honestly – the morning hours we spend helping our children to learn.

We can learn so much ourselves even as we’re teaching our kids.

We can be interested in the book instead of merely making sure it’s done. We can pay attention to the leaves or the bird or the tree with wonder even if we don’t have time to make our own journal entry. We can listen to narrations with the ear of interest and engagement with the material, and not merely as the assessor of learning.

Don’t let gradiose expectations lead you to miss out on the opportunities to learn that are all around you. The ordinary moments are chock-full of interest and occasions to wonder.

Learning – especially scholé-style learning – is less about perfectly arranged appointments and more about having an attitude ready to learn from whatever is happening around you, from 5 or 10 minute reading sessions, and from surprise conversations.

The paraphrase of Leisure, the Basis of Culture continues on the Scholé Sisters blog, with chapter 2 warning us about a materialist mindset robbing us of a full experience of life. A full experience of life must include true leisure (which is different from idleness or entertainment).

Chapter 3 will drop Friday!

Planning AmblesideOnline from Table to Table

by Dawn Garrett at the Archipelago blog

“Because we have one set of books for three students, a standard timetable schedule is a nightmare. Also a nightmare: lessons that take all day because there’s no sense of urgency or accountability. This system was borne of sheer desperation.”

Read the whole article.

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Is Your Child Allergic to Learning…or Just Food?

by Si Vencel at Afterthoughts

Picture this all-too-common scenario. A normal child wakes up on a normal morning and eats a normal breakfast. As mealtime ends, you — the parent/teacher — begin the homeschooling day with your normal routine. An hour passes without incident. Then, out of nowhere, your heretofore “normal” child bursts into tears, throws a fit, erupts with volcanic energy or mercilessly harasses his siblings.”

Read the whole article.

After we’ve been homeschooling a few years, we realize that we are the primary beneficiaries of our choice to homeschool, not only because of the relationships we form with our kids but also because of the relationships that we form with knowledge. As Cindy reminded us in the bonus episode recently, we start by learning alongside our children, but find that even after they are grown and gone that we are still learners, still curious, still interested. We are not really done, because we’ve started the real project: self-education. It continues beyond the homeschooling years.

No matter where you are on that self-education journey, you’ll be inspired and motivated to not neglect it. Our retreat, aired live September 15, will focus not on how to make sure our children are learning well, but rather how we as mothers – at any stage – can learn well.

Mystie Winckler – “Lifelong Learning; Live-giving Leisure”

Brandy Vencel – “Learning How to Live’

Cindy Rollins – “Learning to See: The Art of Paying Attention”

Pam Barnhill – “Learning with PEACE”

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Episode 40: Moms, Learn and Grow! with Cindy Rollins

This is part 2 of the 90-minute conversation we had with Cindy. You can find part one on Cindy’s podcast, The Mason Jar, part of the CiRCE podcast network.

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Sistership Exclusive: Discussion of Chapter 4 of Werner Jaeger’s Paideia: The Ideals of Greek Culture all about Hesiod – it will be available soon!

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