School is in full swing for us, and it probably is for you as well. This week was unusually crazy, which means I mostly skipped all the things, including my Mother Culture reading. I think I read twice, and I’m not sure I remembered to write down even those! It’s a rare day when I don’t document my reading on my Mother Culture Habit Tracker — this just goes to show how awry things had gone.

As I was reflecting this, and about how consistent I was during June and July — and how inconsistent I was in August! — I remembered I needed another tracker. I want to keep reading so that I can learn and grow, but also because regular reading makes me a better homeschool mom! As Charlotte Mason once wrote:


"What we read, if it is worth reading, will help us to do our work better and will give us fresh thoughts to impart to the children" -- Charlotte Mason on Mother Culture


For moms, the best way to engage in regular reading is through Mother Culture.

If you’ve forgotten what Mother Culture is, here are the basic guidelines:

  • Always have three books available to yourself: a stiff book, a moderately easy book, and a novel.
  • Read for 30 minutes per day.
  • When you go to read, pick up the book you feel fit for.
  • Use my Mother Culture Habit Tracker (free download below!) to keep yourself accountable. ♥


Get your fall Mother Culture Habit Tracker!

If you developed a Mother Culture habit over the summer, you want to keep it. And if you didn’t, well … there is no time like the present! This printable PDF has two boxes for each day of the autumn months — one to check that you did it, and another to mark what kind of reading (stiff, moderately easy, or novel) you did. I also put areas at the bottom to record the titles of all the books you finish! I’m printing my own copy — I think it’ll be fun to look back and see how I did. Pin it up on your fridge or on a cork board — somewhere it will remind you to read.

Fill out the form below to get yours via email. Also, if you want to share what how you’re doing on Instagram — post photos of your habit tracker and books?? — just use the hashtag #motherculturehabit.

Get the Mother Culture Habit Tracker!

Build a habit, keep a habit.

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    Need some book titles to get you going?

    I publish extensive lists each summer. (Click here to find them.) For today, I’ll just share one book from each of the categories that I’m reading right now:

    Stiff Book: The Intellectual Life by A.G Sertillanges


    Moderately Easy Book: Your Teenager Is Not Crazy by Jeramy and Jerusha Clark


    Novel: The Rector of Justin by Louis Auchincloss


    Happy fall reading, my friends! ♥

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