For the past twelve months, the topic of Masterly Inactivity has been a passion of mine. I’ve traveled to speak (and gotten to meet a number of you fantastic ladies!) and one of the talks I gave in every city I went to was all about one of my favorite ideas I’ve gleaned from Charlotte Mason over the years: masterly inactivity.

Masterly Inactivity: Charlotte Mason's Secret to Successfully Leading Your Homeschool

Charlotte Mason once said:

A blessed thing in our mental constitution is, that once we receive an idea, it will work itself out, in thought and act, without much after-effort on our part; and, if we admit the idea of ‘masterly inactivity’ as a factor in education, we shall find ourselves framing our dealings with children from this standpoint, without much conscious effort. (School Education, p. 28)

This is why I call it a “secret.” If you really come to a deep understanding of masterly inactivity, and adopt it as a good idea, application will begin to flow into your daily interactions with your children like a dam letting water out. No one has to push that water out; it comes of its own accord. In the same way, you’ll see a million opportunities to be masterly inactive.

And putting masterly inactivity to work in your home is a beautiful thing. You know that pressure release valve on top of your Instant Pot? All the pressure builds up inside — to the point where in most other situations it’d be dangerous — but you just flip that switch and all the pressure is released in a safe and controlled manner. That is the power of masterly inactivity. When you start to live this way, it releases the pressure — it removes so much of the stress we build up in our dealings with our children.


Want to Go Deep With Masterly Inactivity?

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