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Do you clean out your Instagram followers? If you have a public account, you really should! I try to do this about once per month. This month I deleted a number of questionable-looking men. I also tend to delete accounts with no profile photo, unless I know who they are. Even though my policy is to never post photos of my children online (their faces, anyhow), I still try to provide this extra layer of protection for our family. You might want to, too.


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We start school on Monday!!!!!!!!!! Am I ready? Um, I hope so. I’ve cut it close this time — way closer than usual. Last year, I finished a whole week ahead and had a nice break for a week before we started. This year, I’m rolling right into the school year. Not ideal, but not avoidable.

When do you start?


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Scholé Sisters debuted our second (and final) episode of our special summer season. This one comes in two parts, and OUR part is the SECOND half. It won’t make much sense unless you listen to the first part, which you can find on The Mason Jar Podcast here (or in your favorite podcast player, of course). Once you’ve listened to the first part, THEN jump over to Scholé Sisters and listen to the second!



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Don’t start thinking you’re podcasted out, because AfterCast has an episode for your earbuds as well! This one is a crossover, which means you can find the whole thing on AfterCast OR on the Charlotte Mason Poetry Podcast.


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This month in 2015:

It’s that time of year again!


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