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It has come to my attention that the email on Wednesday that included Caitlin’s post didn’t have Caitlin’s name on it. GASP! Please do not think that I am or have ever been capable of such wonderful preschool thoughts. That is all Caitlin! My apologies! Consider this a formal correction.

If you have no idea what post I’m talking about, click here.


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Registration is open for the Scholé Sisters Local Retreats on Saturday, September 15, 2018. The theme this year is Learning Well. Like last year, we’re encouraging you all to plan local retreats and have some special bonding time with your local sisters. If you want help with that, go here. Otherwise, the important thing to remember is the Cindy Rollins will be there! Yippee!

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It is all Mystie‘s fault that I bought a brand new copy of Aristotle’s Metaphysics this week. I usually buy cheap used copies of books like these, but I made the mistake of saying I wanted to read the same version as her. So here we go. Stay tuned.


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Also in the news, Dawn’s second level of Swedish Drill is now out! If you used level 1 last year, this is a great way to build on the skills you learned! Click here for more.


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This month in 2014:

Feeling in bondage to your schedule? Or stressing out over trying to make one? This is for you.


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This week’s links collection:

  • Indictment of Paul Manafort from the Department of Justice
    • Trying to keep up with my primary sources. This case has been and will be in the news, so to the source we go!
  • How Generation Z Became America’s Most Intolerant Generation from Intellectual Takeout
    • No surprise here: “…political tolerance strongly correlates with political confidence, and political intolerance strongly correlates with both a lack of confidence and what she calls a ‘social justice orientation.’”
  • CULTURE WAR AS CLASS WAR from First Things
    • Interesting: “Changes in elite family practices help explain the symbolic resonance of same-sex marriage. A model of the ideal family is central to class culture.”


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