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I’ve been pestering my husband for a while about contributing here at Afterthoughts. Years ago, when we ran our local homeschool conference, he spoke on children’s health (he has a master’s degree in holistic nutrition), and the moms ate it up. They loved it. I figured you all would love it, too, especially since he also has read Charlotte Mason. Anyhow, I have finally persuaded him, and he’ll be joining us as a monthly contributor starting next week. I just read his first piece … I can’t wait to share it with you!


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TOMORROW is the end of the early-bird pricing for the Growing Charlotte Mason Communities live event, so don’t forget to register! Everything is really coming together now and let me just say that this is going to be fabulous.


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Yesterday, we published another new episode of AfterCast:

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I take this slow reading thing seriously, which means it takes me just about forever to finish a book. Imagine my surprise when I realized I’ve already finished two books this month! I guess my mother culture habit is working. (Plus I cheated and gulped a novel down in three days around Fourth of July.) Here’s what I’ve finished:

The Awakening of Miss PrimThe Self-Driven Child

I recommend both of these titles. The Awakening of Miss Prim is pretty perfect — I mentioned this last week. The Self-Driven Child is great because it incarnates a number of Charlotte Mason’s principles and practices — specifically principles regarding how to motivate and practices such as Masterly Inactivity — in our modern world. Especially helpful were the chapters on Autism, ADHD, and learning disabilities as well as dealing with technology/screens.


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This month in 2014:

This was one of the first things I ever wrote for Scholé Sisters!


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This week’s links collection:


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Answering your questions:

  • Question: I’m watching the Growing Vibrant Charlotte Mason Communities with some friends, do we each need to register?
    • Answer:  Yes, you do. The cost for GVCMC is per person. 🙂
  • Question: I am traveling the day of the Vibrant event — can I still purchase it and watch the replay?
    • Answer: Yes! Absolutely! We knew that this would be the case, especially since it is summer. We will try our best to have the replays up within 24 hours of the event. If you are planning to do this, you might as well register now before the early-bird price ends.


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