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Next week is my big school planning week. Three of my children are attending a horse camp, and so E-Age-16 and I plan to bum around the house and Get Things Done!

I’m beyond thrilled to not be getting my own picture study materials together. After ten years, I’m throwing in the towel and letting someone else do it for me: Rebecca from A Humble Place. Rebecca has done what I’ve always done — grabbing images online based on the titles from the AmblesideOnline artist study selections and putting them into a nice, printable document — but way better because she has a few of her own thoughts on each painting (she has an art history degree) whereas I had almost no thoughts!

Check out these amazing resources she’s put together for those of us doing AO!


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Did you use Swedish Drill Revisited this year, with your children or in a co-op? If so, we’re looking for some reviews! Dawn is coming out with a second level soon, and we are getting requests for reviews from people who are looking at Level One. It seems perfect to us to give you a 10% off coupon for Level Two in exchange for an honest review of Level One. (Yes, you have to have actually bought it and used it for this to work!)

Click here to go leave a review!


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When I looked at my finished month of June on my Mother Culture Habit Tracker, I noticed something conspicuous: no novels. This was mostly purposeful. Novels are something I have a hard time putting down, and during most of June I was finishing up school and preparing for and traveling to speak. I wasn’t really on break yet, and novels are most definitely break books for me.

At the end of June, I bought The Awakening of Miss Prim on a whim. I didn’t have a novel on my shelves I was in the mood to read, and I’d been meaning to pick up this title for years.

I had heard some great reviews, some good reviews, and some less-than-enthusiastic reviews, so it was with fear and trembling that I turned the first page. After all, I wanted to like it … and I was so afraid I wouldn’t.

There was NO reason for me to be afraid. The author is obviously familiar with my favorite writers and thinkers — not just Chesterton, Lewis, and Tolkien, but also greats like John Senior and Cardinal Newman. She also seems to equate homeschooling with the possibility of reenacting the now defunct Integrated Humanities Program from the University of Kansas — and if you’re familiar with Poetic Knowledge, you’ll be a fan of that.

I’m giving it two thumbs up and I highly recommend it. She’s writing from a deep well, which I appreciate, but it was also a fun little tale.


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This month in 2017:

Not very old, but it a fun one to write.


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