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There’s another new Scholé Sisters episode out, and I think you’re going to love it. I can’t tell you what a great time I had talking Latin shop with Angela Reed from The CM Latin Project.


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I was complaining at park day a while back — or was it at our mothers’ reading group? (Apparently, I can’t keep track of the many locations at which I complain.) The topic was shaving — specifically teaching daughters to shave and what a pain it is sometimes — and why is all shaving cream contaminated with gross stuff I would never under any conditions put on a child’s skin? And also why are razors generally terrible quality? Why is razor burn even a thing?


Naturally, Hayley saved the day. She told me about Harry’s and their amazing razors. I was thinking these were for dudes, but they were having a deal, so I bought three razors for what I expected to pay for shipping — one each for my daughters, and one for me (I’ve been trying to replace my razor for years and couldn’t find anything I liked).

Here is my one word review: WOW.

I mean seriously, where has this razor been all my life? I don’t care if it’s for dudes! THEY CAN LEARN TO SHARE, that’s my opinion.


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To go with it, Hayley told me to use Dr. Bronner’s Shaving GelI don’t need gel, but I thought it might help the shavers-in-training. I chose the unscented kind, just in case. (One can never be too cautious about these things.) We bought a little pump for it as well because the reviews warned me they might waste a lot of it otherwise.

Newsflash: all shaving problems have magically disappeared!

Basically, Hayley has taken a negative thing around here and turned it into a positive. So much happiness!!


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This month in 2014:

On Monday, I had to remind myself of this. My stress level was building, and shortly thereafter I realized the cause: people interrupting each other, and people all talking at once. I’m not naming any names, but they are all on the short and/or immature side.


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