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Good news this week if you are a Plutarch junkie like I am! Anne White’s new Plutarch volume (volume four, to be exact) is out! Featuring the lives of Demosthenes, Cicero, and Demetrius, I am positive this is just as wonderful as all the other volumes in the series.

I’ve been teaching Plutarch and doing Plutarch with my children for a long time now. I an honestly say I have never taught Plutarch without Anne White’s help. If you want to know how to teach Plutarch, just buy The Plutarch Primer to get started.


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A couple days ago, I asked those of you on Facebook to help me figure out where to shop for play clothes for late elementary aged students. I had never tried ThredUp before, but I figured this was a good excuse, especially since clothes are feeling even less affordable than normal because my Suburban is in the shop. (Again — I keep telling myself that this is what I get for driving a 20-year-old vehicle!)

We haven’t received the clothing yet, but the buying experience was great — I love the way I can separate shirts by type of sleeve, size, brand, whatever. It was quick and easy. I pretty much never go shopping, which is not necessarily a good policy, but it is reality, so this was a great solution.

What I really wanted to tell you about, though is the Honey browser extension. I’ve been enjoying it, but my experience with ThredUp takes the cake. I mean, the purchase was already affordable, and then Honey saved me almost $25 on top of that!

What Honey does is keep a record of pretty much every coupon code in existence. When you go to a site, Honey offers to try every code it knows and find you the best deal. It’s pretty amazing. I used to spend a lot of time searching for coupon codes, so this is something I find super convenient.

If you want to try out Honey, click here.


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There’s a new episode of Scholé Sisters out today!

Short answer: yes. It’s for kids, too. Even yours.


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I don’t know if you’re aware of what’s been going on here in California, but those of us who choose alternative forms of education — public charters, private schools, and homeschools — have felt under attack from every direction. I can’t tell you how encouraging it has been, however, so see so many come together:

The exciting part is that WE WON!! We really won! As a native Californian (my family has been here for many generations), it has been disheartening to feel bullied by our government over the past decade. This was SO encouraging, and a reminder that when we do something about the problems, sometimes we actually defeat them!


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This month in 2015:

It’s a good time to revisit this one.  It’s also an AfterCast episode, so you can even listen to it, if you like. Just click play right in the post. 🙂


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