As we wind our way through the modern world history of Core 300, I’m weaving in various documentaries & videos, mostly from YouTube for my boy. I tend to like to leave a trail of what we did so that when we circle through with the next child I can look through my notes, blog posts, & journals to see what we did. That’s exactly what the Core 300 Video posts will be.

My word of warning is that what suits one family may not suit another, & thus if you choose to view the video links I’m using with your own children I’d urge you to read any notes or comments I make about the videos & to also preview it yourself first.  Also note these are not fictional videos/movies. I may, or may not, share what we watch in that regard in an entirely different post.

NOTE: If we were to only watch one I’d watch Tour de France For Newbies YouTube won’t let me embed this one here so I’ve embedded another we watched. However, the linked video is fantastic which speaks not only of the first Tour de France, but also discusses how much of what happens today is a shout-out to years gone by, as well as why some rules have changed from the origional.

NOTE: This video contains a couple of graphic images & a graphic retelling from one of the survivors. This would not suit sensitive viewers, & should be watched at parent’s discretion.

NOTE: this video contains nudity. We chose this video because it shows how AutoChrome looks & mentioned the Lumiére brothers. The display of photos is from a French museum, & one of the images is 3 nude women from a tactful angle so very little is seen.  This occurs at 3:15-3:22.

There’s a lovely 2:10 video of highlights from this Olympic as well, but sadly it’s also incapable of being embedded here. Thankfully I can share the link, because it’s fun to see the time period & the various ways sports, uniforms, & more have changed over the years. If you’re student{s} is as interested to know what happened in the 1904 Olympics you can find a highlight video for that here.

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