Despite our somewhat lopsided, dark, & slow mornings we’re still reading our through our stack of books. We finished up Ember Falls last week & I opted not to start a new read aloud until after Easter holidays. I have a few up my sleeve I’d like to break into, but I might have a mutiny if we don’t finish this series first.

We are nearly done, at long last, with The Fallacy Detective, & I have to admit I can’t wait to wrap it up. We’ve found a few interesting discrepancies in the book & it’s caused us to chuckle a few times over for sure. I don’t know if it’s because I bought our copy pre-2015 update or what, but anyway.. It’s been an interesting ride. We’ll be picking up with The Art Of Argument when we finish this one. And for those wondering, yes this is a half credit course we’re doing for our students.

We have 3 chapters left in our How To be Your Own Selfish Pig book. We’ve enjoyed our journey through this book & the topics it brings up. Some of which have really made my kids go, “Really?” Ahh, yes I’m afraid so boys.. Our plan is to wrap this up prior to Easter Holidays as well so we can start on a fresh one post holidays.

We’re still working on this list of words as a couple were tripping one of us up.  We’ll embark on a new set next week {or so goes the plan..} These were some funny word combos considering today’s political nonsense floating around, but I promise they were all picked at random when we first put them in. I laughed pretty hard about it too.

We opted to start Bk 2 from Fix-it from the start again working at double speed until we hit the portions there were some struggles with. We had a slightly longer than normal summer break from it so while there was a slight complaint or two, but those were quickly squelched. We whizzed through the first two weeks last week, as that was just simplistic review for them.

Lots of mapping this week, which will likely be the case each week as he reads through 20th Century World History. I forgot to pick up poster tabs for the writeable maps, so they sprawl out wherever to mark the various places they are after. I commented that we should have used a regular world map this year & coloured sticker dots.. maybe next year.

Both boys tackled lessons in math. The start of Pre-Algebra with the new math curriculum is rather slow & very much review work for this boy. I decided to let him take the first chapter slow to get into how this programme works & then we’ll take some quizzes to see where he should really settle in. 

Jayde & I are reading through A Murder For Her Majesty, this is my second go through as I read this with Morgan a couple of years ago too. It’s the story of a young girl who sees her farther murdered by men she believed he trusted. In overhearing them she believes that they’ve done this per the Queen’s orders & thus makes her way to safety. Many twists & turns, but we’re currently still in the early chapters so there’s still much mystery for my boy to unwind.

He’s making his way through SOTW, & read the first two chapters this week. They were broken up over a couple of days, but he took great delight in reading them all at once & then pulling out his map and telling us what he suspect he’d have to map. This kid is a hoot! This will be one of his 5 spines for the year ahead.
These beauties are Morgan’s spines, & one of the reasons we are using an older version of Core 300. They are absolutely amazing & beautiful books. Good luck getting your hands on them though unless you can find someone willing to part with them or perhaps selling them on ebay. That’s where I managed to pick up both of ours from. The Visual History Of The Modern World is like a collection of newspaper articles {or snippets of them} broken down by year. There’s also a side bar with a quick look at what happened throughout the year. The Our Century In Pictures by Life shows photos of the main events & peoples from the 20th century. We only covered 1903-1905 this week.

For history he’s also reading/listening to The Road From Home which is quite the hard to put down book about a time period in history I’m not sure most of us are deeply aware of. If you’re not familiar with the book the main character’s son actually wrote the book about his mother’s life during the multiple times she had to run for her life due to the forced removal of the Armenian peoples. It is an emotional read, without doubt, but it’s also breathtaking to read of the countless acts of courage & survival in the midst of great sorrow. I made my way through it at a rather fast pace with the need to know, “But what happened next..” Morgan’s taking it at the pace set forth in Core 300.

For literature he’s reading/listening to Murder On The Orient Express & totally enamoured with the story. He found it very very hard to put it down, & on Friday asked for a trip to the library so he could pick up some more Agatha Christies. We told him when he was done we’d pick up the new movie to watch, & then grab the old one & compare them. I’ve been enjoying this one, having {I know I know..} not read it previously. With driving Mr S to & from the park or the office each day I’m delighted to have some lovely new audio books to indulge in.

We hit the park on Friday, but with the wind & wet were entirely on our own aside from a brave school group that foolishly thought the day would be great for a sausage sizzle.  They certainly enjoyed themselves though!!

Morgan passed his Module 3 Quiz with 100%, & started in on Module 4. We need to pick up some mushrooms, apparently, for the upcoming experiments that happen next week.. All in all a lovely school week for us with very few outside interruptions. 

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