What a school year it’s been! I had a friend once tell me she couldn’t fathom writing, publicly, about the curriculum choices of her family because what if God led you to circumstances that meant you ended up doing something entirely different. You know, I’ve thought about that statement a lot in the past because I think it’s fairy common for most of us to start our with fantastic {on paper} ideas & make changes through our year.

This year has been quite the year for my own little gang, & scarily enough we’re not quite done with our first term yet! We started in January as is our normal custom, took time off for the olympics & some deep reflections on our curriculum choices & then made some dramatic changes for our family in regards to curriculum, & are back at things again.

We’ll be taking off a small amount of time for the upcoming holiday & consider that our term break before jumping right into the throws of Term 2. It will likely seem a little strange for us, but I’m so glad we took the time off to enjoy the olympics. Morgan will likely not have the opportunity to do that again, & he soaked up every minute of it that he could.

We wildly cheered on Team USA at ever available hockey match, not to mention we tuned in for every hockey match, which included some late nights and/or early mornings. This boy is a tad gaga for hockey, & knowing how fleeting the years go buy I was delighted to soak it all up with him. We watched the men fall prey, sadly, to the Czech’s in an epic double overtime that resulted in a shoot out. I’m pretty sure our neighbours were terrified something horrific was happening here as we wear our emotions on our sleeves during sporting events.

We also watched the US Women outshoot the Canadian Women in an equally epic double overtime that resulted in a gold medal after the shootout. The neighbours likely presumed we were dead at that point, because we were holding our breath entirely expecting Canada to walk away with that win after the US Goalie’s Flub. Flags were waving like crazy, but until the final puck went into the net it was a nail biting silence that filled our lounge. Mr S walked in the door just in time to join our insanity for that final shoot out.

Oddly enough we also watched the US Men’s Curling Gold Medal Win, in fact we watched so much curling we feel ready to attempt the sport ourselves at this point. Speed skating, bobsledding, ski jump, & Alpine also got our attention. In fact about the only event that we didn’t watch was figure skating, although I did not miss the opportunity to introduce my children to Scott Hamilton.

Our house is askew with rumbled quilts, scattered pencils from a half finished art project, screwed up paper from science notes, half read books, maps, & everything else you can possibly imagine, and here we are again, back to the routine as we welcome the beginning of fall that arrived like an outraged & half starved lion. 

Storms rolled in with such a clamour we all jumped out of bed wondering if the house was going to survive. I, on the other hand, can sleep through pretty much anything & clambered right back into bed, pulled up the quilt & slept soundly until the morning. The men folk huddled together in the lounge room riding out the storm & wondering what on earth was wrong with women that they could sleep through such drama.
It’s been an interesting, nearly complete, Term 1 in which I’ve hard written any of our typical weeks in review. It’s funny how the chaos of life can throw things like that to the curb. Amongst all the memory making there’s also been the harder parts of life, for even the happiest of us must endure them must we not?

We’ve spent weeks convincing the boys beloved Nana that her home phone has not been hacked, that the local phone company is not the reason for everything going right or wrong, & helping her to a variety of medical appointments for both her memory problems & her physical pain issues.

It’s a hard mountain to climb at times, parenting the parent. I won’t lie, I hate it. I don’t hate being there & providing security & grace or even wrapping them in the love they so desperately need. It’s the other parts that I hate. It’s just such an odd feeling to have to parent a parent & nothing in all the world can prepare you for it. On the other hand there are multiple joys & memories to be made. It’s funny how when the brain is scanning memories for where you put your medication it can suddenly pull up stories from a childhood long past & tell you stories you’ve never heard before. 

It’s been a true joy to watch my children rise to the challenges & face them without batting an eye. To adjust their own sails & expectations, take it in stride & keep on going. To recognise a bad day in their Grandmother’s world & to offer an arm of support {quite literally}, a hot cup of tea, & to let her pick any movie she’d like to watch. And in our home that’s a huge offer because we generally only watch “guy” films— Ha!

What a long winded way to wrap up the previous month or two of our lives! It’s been an interesting time to say the least! But rather then tack more here & share our curriculum changes our our current weekly wrap up I think I’ll save those for an entirely new post.

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