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When I mentioned my personal Latin notebook last week, I neglected to say what curriculum I was using for myself. Oops! Yes, that would have been good information to include.

For my refresher course this year, I chose Getting Started with Latin, partly because it looked like I could fit a complete lesson into my 15 minute time slot, and partly because I wanted to write a review of it. I was right: the lessons fit into my time slot perfectly. I’ll post a review sometime in the future. I’m enjoying it.

Note: I also use my Latin review box for vocabulary.


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And the new episode of Scholé Sisters is…


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Charlotte Mason Boot Camp opened up yesterday. Last I checked, there were still some spots left (there are 60 slots total, including scholarships that were given out), so consider yourself notified. 🙂


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I leave for GHC Ft. Worth on WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!!! If you’re coming, don’t forgot to drop by the AmblesideOnline booth and say hi to our wonderful team of volunteers.


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This month in 2012:

Apparently, it was six years ago that I first re-thought math for Daughter AI’ll be honest: while taking a break and switching things up was magical for my oldest, math has continued to be a struggle with my second child. But you know what? I still believe that what I did here was best. And I still maintain that we are often afraid of rest and we really do need to be okay with taking it. But will rest automagically fix everything? No. No it won’t.


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This week’s links collection:


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Answering your questions:

  • Question: I run a Charlotte Mason study group. How do I apply for a Group Discount for one of your study guides?
    • Answer: Thank you for asking an easy one. This is all my brain can handle right now. 😉 All you have to do is click here and fill out the form. My friend Hayley will get in contact with you and do the rest. 🙂


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