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I want to introduce you all to our newest Official 2018 Afterthinker, Angelique! I think you are going to love her thoughts. I asked her to contribute here after hanging on her every word during Charlotte Mason Boot Camp last year. She always took the ideas deeper; it was wonderful. You’ll get a chance to read her very first post next week. Until then, here is her biography:

After many years of globe-trotting and home-educating with her three children and Berliner husband, Angelique and her family have finally settled in her African homeland, Zimbabwe. She’s a passionate Charlotte Mason educator who desires to see Godly principles of education in her homeland and beyond. She’s an incorrigible bibliophile, loves dark chocolate, all things yarn and homemade Romany Creams.


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Homeschool tip of the week: once your children are writing their narrations, have them read their work aloud to you. Someone gave me this advice early on, and it has proven a jewel! I cannot tell you how many mistakes are caught without my saying a word. They figure out that certain words are spelled incorrectly, or certain sentences are run-ons. That is huge. It also prepares younger children for when they will do edits and rewrites. In those early days, I don’t actually require any rewriting — it’s enough that they catch the flaw and we briefly discuss how to fix it. But planting the seed of rewriting by catching a few mistakes prepares for the future.


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I finished a whole big bunch of books last week. Okay, it was only three, but still … I felt accomplished. What I discovered is that

  1. I think Victor Frankenstein was very selfish. He should have chosen to live a life offering friendship and companionship to his creation. That would have been a logical consequence of his bad behavior, and also an noble way of taking responsibility for his actions.
  2. I adore Frederick Douglass’ writing. In addition to his life narrative, I read a couple articles he wrote for the Atlantic. I think I need to move on to his speeches. I’m putting them on my wishlist.
  3. I had no clue what a hero John Adams was. I think I always categorized him as a snobby, European-type president. I don’t even know where I got that idea, but I repent! I put on my sackcloth and ashes! He was a great man.


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School supply I’m loving:

I chose kraft paper Moleskine Cahier ruled notebooks this year for my personal Latin study. This turned out to be the perfect choice. I like the size — 5″ x 8.25″ — and I love that it lays flat. It’s also got a nifty little pocket in the back.

What has me thinking about this? Well, I just about filled mine up and had to buy another! This feels like a great triumph to me — after taking three years off of my personal Latin study, I’ve been consistent enough that I’ve filled an entire notebook. It’s amazing what 15 minutes per day can do.


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This month in 2016:

I wrote this when O-Age-Nine got his very first pet. I still love pets, and I still think they provide all sorts of opportunities to develop character and practice responsibility. ♥


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This week’s links collection:

  • Prop 1: California Water Commission Kills All 12 Proposed Reservoirs from Breitbart
    • When you’ve lived here long enough (my family has been here for generations), you come to understand that California exists in a cycle of drought followed by abundant rain. Just like a business that is seasonal, you can only survive if you save up in prosperous times to use when the time of scarcity hits. It’s basic economics.
    • This foolishness is a form of stealing from the populace — we voted on a bond so that we could store water. Just build the dams already. I have an idea: start with one.
  •  House Minority Memo
    • I almost missed this one because I was out of town.
    • I can tell you this much: I am so very glad that I homeschool my boys. Even my bookish oldest child would have been too wiggly for many school teachers. Both of them have gotten the chance to be fully, thoroughly boyish — narrating upside down, using cars to act out their books, and school breaks on the trampoline or in the garden or with the dog.
  • Broward State Attorney’s Opened At Least 66 Cases Of Criminal Misconduct Into Sheriff’s Office by Sara Carter
    • I think all the distracting conversation about crisis actors has been exactly that: a way of taking the attention off of all of the people in authority who failed to act in ways that might have prevented this school shooting. The incompetence looks pervasive and systemic.


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