Last week was total insanity here in our home. I was feeling a bit off peak, & absolutely exhausted so wile my planner ended up filled in, I didn’t refer to it much beyond Monday. Some weeks are like that though, & you just pick up where you left off. I was feeling better by the end of the week, which was nice as I had a fair amount of things to catch up on.

This week we have a birthday, thus the crazy sloth. I actually stamped & coloured him back at the end of last year or early this year & put him in there. He was a spare one that looks cute, but didn’t turn out 100% as I was hoping for with some cards I was making. I took forever to make those cards too & oddly enough I never mailed them out because a certain child allowed a bird to soil on them. Alas, I think those cards were never meant to make it to their destinations…

As for the planner.. I cannot believe it’s February already, & I also can’t believe my firstborn will be 17 at the end of this week either. Where on earth does the time go? Ahh, I’ve no idea really.. The stickers in the planner as the same as normal. All the headers: Next week, Goals, This week, To Do, & Fitness are all ones I made. I honestly made a huge batch up at one time on a sheet of A4 attempting to match my colours with the planner colours.

The bigger box stickers are again from Planner Penny, I believe they are Unicorn Cat stickers. I picked them up in her massive sale last month & figured they’d serve double duty with the confetti & bright colours for a birthday week, & then using them again with the unicat stickers at another time. The Car & asterisk are from Studio Kylie. I have 0 clue as to where the birthday candle sticker came from. A few years ago I had some things that needed a new home & gave them away. One day I opened my mailbox to find that the receiver felt so blessed they sent me a stack of stickers, & those adorable candle stickers were included!
The menu section was stamped with the Lawn Fawn Plan On It stamp set & some Versa Colour ink. I’d have to check the ink-pad to know what colour for sure. The Washi is still from the bagful that Mr S gave me, but it’s a DoodleBug Sprinkles Washi.

This is a Plum Paper 7×9 Personal Planner, option #3 {vertical all lines} & I’ve just broken it up to fit my own needs with the homemade stickers. No affiliate codes for it, all though I’ve you’ve never ordered one & would like to save $10 I think I can email a code, not sure why they’ve made it that way instead of a simple link. Or you could pop on to their Facebook or Instagram page & check to see if they ave having a sale.

I ordered mine unpunched & unbound so that I could use the Staples Arc punch on it. I purchased my discs from Discbound Marketplace out of the USA. I do have a Plum Paper cover on it, but I also have a Happy Planner cover on it.
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