No, I didn’t miss the fact that I titled this Planner Monday when it’s really a Tuesday, life was a bit chaotic & busy for us this past week which is the way of life when dealing with the care of an older relative at times. So here we are, on Tuesday, writing about Planner Mondays.

It’s also not the best photo because I took after collapsing for the evening in the lounge room, which means there were no lights on, but hey it’s been documented, right? And lest I should be asked, those temperatures in the top box are in Fahrenheit, otherwise we’d be puddles of humans. I accidentally  sent the weather to Mr S in Fahrenheit the other day instead of celsius & he was like, “What?!” Ahh, we had ourselves a great laugh about it in the end.

This week I went with watermelon. The Watermelon Washi is also from doodlebug or at least I think it it, but I can’t seem to find a link for it on their website. I’ve had it for a few years now, & I have no clue where I got it from, but I really do love it. I’d actually laid that tape down well before finding the printable watermelon stickers which I picked up in a 50% off sale {or something of that nature} over at Planner Penny so they cost just over a dollar. I did print the sheet out twice to get enough watermelon stickers there.

I had intentions of using a freebie BBQ sticker there on the empty block for Australia Day, but life happened & I had to stop what I was doing & dash out. So instead it’s blank. I may snag one of the other Watermelon stickers form the Planner Penny set to stick there instead. The little charcoal bbq & mustard bottle are from the free set which you can find here. The only issue I had with the free set was figuring out what size to print it at, & when I reduced this one it was too small & I ran out of time to reprint the little rectangle I intended to use.

The menu section was stamped with the Lawn Fawn Plan On It stamp set & some Versa Colour ink. I’d have to check the ink-pad to know what colour for sure. 

This is a Plum Paper 7×9 Personal Planner, option #3 {vertical all lines} & I’ve just broken it up to fit my own needs with the homemade stickers. No affiliate codes for it, all though I’ve you’ve never ordered one & would like to save $10 I think I can email a code, not sure why they’ve made it that way instead of a simple link. Or you could pop on to their Facebook or Instagram page & check to see if they ave having a sale.

I ordered mine unpunched & unbound so that I could use the Staples Arc punch on it. I purchased my discs from Discbound Marketplace out of the USA. I do have a Plum Paper cover on it, but I also have a Happy Planner cover on it.
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