Pride & Prejudice:
Okay true confession I’m not a fan of Jane Austen. I know, I know, let the cuing of tomatoes be thrown, but it’s true. I’ve started many of her books over the years & put each one down in turn because, “Ugh.” I’ve read Shakespeare, Dickens, & Verns without issue, but Austen gets me every time.

However, my mother told me early in life to never say never, so here I am, reading P&P. I’m not going to say I’m loving it, but I also don’t hate it. I think it’s going to be very predictable, & no I haven’t watched the movie a million times. I’m not even sure I’ve ever watch the movie or the BBC shows or anything of the likes.

So why am I putting myself through it? Well, I’m putting together a list of Brit Lit I want my boy to read, & here’s the thing.. P&P comes up on a lot of lists, so I figured before I subject my child to it I’ll subject myself to it & decide if it will remain on our list or not. I started chapter 25 last night. Audio Link

Own Your Own Life:
I picked this one up last year I think it was & a helpful child put a bookmark in it & then “put it away” for me, but where was away? I had no idea!! Away, as it turned out, to be in my closet under summer clothes? Who does that, my child apparently. I stumbled upon it while looking for my summer workout gear, & pulled it back out.

So so much loveliness in this book, that while I could easily devour it in a short amount of time I’m trying to force myself to take it slowly.. Ironically, after making that choice someone moved my book again & I’m not entirely sure where it is again, so I’ve been pondering the thoughts in the last chapter I read.  Audio Link

Word To Caesar:
This is one of Morgan’s Living Library books that I’m currently recording in audio for him. This book started with a bang & has been nearly all forward motion ever since. The only downer, which is often typical of this time period {Ancient Rome} is that I find so many of the names could really use a good pronunciation guide.

In this story the hero, Paul, is attempting to repay his debt to Severus who saved his life. To repay Severus, Paul is attempting to get word to Caesar that the accusations that caused Severus to be banned from the Roman Empire are all false.

Amos Fortune Free Man:
This is not my first time through, but I’m enjoying it in audio fashion this time. This is Jayden’s current “Story Time” book with his HOD, & because there are some deep Literary questions that go along with the readings we’re listening together. Yes, I could totally have read this instead, but we’re reading a few others {not listed here} that go along with his curriculum. Audio Link

Fake Mustache:
We bought this one for Mr S for Christmas, yes really. We often buy him funny books like this as he doesn’t often have time for much reading, & the font needs to be large so that when he picks it up on the fly he can read it without his glasses on.

I suspect this story will have a few funny twists & turns in it, but for now the premise is that a boy has bought a new suit & a fake moustache which will allow him to be unidentifiable in his small, run of the mill nothing ever happens, kinda town. Audio Link

Ember Falls:
I actually had an entirely different book selected for our first read aloud of the year. I’d spotted it on a random google search & couldn’t wait to pick it up & read. It’s new enough that it’s still only available in hardback, & we did actually start it, but our current morning routine has a lot of reading happening so we switched to Ember Falls which we have in audio format so I can catch my breath.

This book picks up where
The Green Ember leaves off. We are only a couple of chapters in as this is our first week back to normal routines including a family read aloud, so I’ll have to give more detail on it later.
Audio Link {Audio Link for The Green Ember}

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