Planner all set for the new week. To be honest, knowing how busy our school weeks can get I put the To Do, This Week, Fitness, Goals, Next Week, Bible, & washi tape down for the first 2 months some time ago. That way I could go in & fill out my lists as needed despite how busy things got. However, I had some spare time & $2 so I picked up the back to school stickers from Planner Penny.

I appreciate that I can print these out, size them to fit my own planner & use them again down the road. I’ve flagged a few of her sets to use this year if I have spare change & time. We’ll see.. In the mean time, it’s back to school here in our house on Monday, incase the planner page didn’t give it away!

I used Back To School Full Boxes & Back To School Decorating Kit, all though I only used one of the boxes & the flags. All the other stickers are ones I made, the cutlery is the Lawn Fawn Plan On It Stamp, & the washi is DoodleBug back to school coloured pencil washi. Mr S gave it to me for Christmas.

This is a Plum Paper 7×9 Personal Planner, option #3 {vertical all lines} & I’ve just broken it up to fit my own needs with the homemade stickers. No affiliate codes for it, all though I’ve you’ve never ordered one & would like to save $10 I think I can email a code, not sure why they’ve made it that way instead of a simple link. Or you could pop on to their Facebook or Instagram page & check to see if they ave having a sale.

I ordered mine unpunched & unbound so that I could use the Staples Arc punch on it. I purchased my discs from Discbound Marketplace out of the USA. I do have a Plum Paper cover on it, but I also have a Happy Planner cover on it.

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