Last December, I happened to catch that there were suppose to be meteor showers happening between the 12th & 15th of December, & it just so happened that on the 12th Mr S had one of those crazy long work meetings that we generally stay up waiting for him to roll in. So, when it got dark out the boys & I gathered up blankets & went out back to see what we could find.

In fairness we weren’t really sure what we were looking for, & I’m totally blind when it comes to the Southern Hemisphere’s night sky; I still find myself looking for constellations I grew up knowing! Thankfully there’s an app for that, one of many ways I’m grateful for modern technology. The boys brought up the app so we could locate the stars that we thought the meteor showers were most likely to be happening near, & then we sat, & kept on sitting for ages.

I nearly fell asleep to be honest, it was so incredibly peaceful & quiet.. you know if I can discount my boys hushed laughter & my constant, “Shh, the rest of the neighbourhood might be sleeping!” By the time Mr S got in we’d watched the same 2 satellites cross the sky more than a half dozen times, watched a plane fly out over the Bass Straight, & finally googled meteor showers so we know what to be looking for.

Mr S quickly got out his fancy pants camera & joined us, but when we did finally start seeing meteor showers they were far too quick for us to capture anything more than complete awe. All of Jayden’s science lessons seemed to come up in topic as we sat there & watched the flashes arc across the night sky that evening.

We decided to have a go the next night as well, but we only saw one. In all our waiting the kids dragged mattresses outside, & a half dozen blankets including the “snuggly” type blankets Mom made & mailed to them. One is a giant slice of pizza & the other is a Starwars space ship. They were all snuggled up & looking innocent.. gazing at the sky & discussing various things they’d each learned at some point, & discussing how cool it would be to spend a whole year studying astronomy.

Me, being the Mom,  thought, “Aww look..” & decided I should snap a photo… except it was so dark my phone wouldn’t capture anything. I decided to pop on the flash & just be quick. Well, I blinded my poor kids, which was only made worse because they’d both taken off their Irlen tints. I review the photo & think, “This will never do!”

I don’t warn them, I just snap again, & there’s screams of, “MOM!!” Followed by, “Shh, it’s just a photo & you’ll wake the neighbours!!” Followed by another brilliant stream of flash going off, which resulted in kids curling up in balls wailing that they were blind, Mr S erupting in laughter, the dog barking, & neighbours starting to turn on lights to see what all the fuss was about. We packed it up & called it a night pretty quickly.

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