When people find our most in our home can’t do dairy, half can’t do gluten, & one of us can’t do eggs it really overwhelms them. I know that feeling oh so well when the diagnosis came through.. I remember sitting down to figure out dinner & wondering if anyone would mind picking a few blades of grass & calling it good– No joke!

Many years down the road later & I’m no longer overwhelmed. I still read every label before I purchase something, & often again before people consume it. We make a lot of our own food from scratch, & we are simply grateful for feeling better. Our asthmatic can finally dash from one end of our home to the other without needing his puffer due to lack of breathing. Our eczema boy is no longer itching. There are no longer major digestion issues, headaches, & all the rest of that ick.

There has been, however, a lot of experimenting.. Because let’s be honest even “safe” recipes can need tweaking in our home. So below are 6 of our favourite recipes. Keep in mind that not everyone in our home can eat everything that is made, but that’s okay too. I’ll note what it’s “free” of.

Vegan Nacho Cheese Sauce {dairy free, gluten free, safe for all} We use to consume a fair amount of Mexican Food in our home because most of the time it’s gluten free {you have to watch those packets of taco seasoning if you don’t make your own!!}, but for two of us who don’t do dairy & don’t like the smell of melted goat’s cheese our Mexican Feasts were a tad lack luster until I stumbled upon this recipe. 

Don’t be overwhelmed by the amount of ingredients, my boys make this you can too! My “secret” would be to double or triple this & freeze the extras. To make the recipe go faster you can boil the veggies while you put all the other ingredients in your blender so that you are ready to rock it when those veggies are done. As a weird side note, I didn’t have lemon juice the first time I made this & thus don’t use it in this recipe. Also, I do add the required jalapeno liquid, but I go light on the peppers themselves until my mild heat child has tested it first. When our jar of jalepnos runs out I just fill it up with water to keep those pickles fresh. Also, weird fact, in their video they forget to add the tomato paste which made us giggle.

Creamy Vegan Mac & Cheese {dairy free, gluten free} My kids REALLY missed macaroni & cheese. Homemade, out of the box, frozen, anything they just missed it. It was a homestyle meal I’d make once a month in the winter & serve with garlic green beans & homemade warm applesauce. Ahh, those were the days, you know minus the fall out. Anyway, I was determined to find a recipe & serve it for Christmas, as a small surprise for my kids.

There are many out there to choose from, but this is the one we tried & it was a huge huge hit. I doubled the recipe & it was gone on Boxing Day with cries of, “I wanted more, you could have saved me some!” Sadly, if you’re dealing with a nut allergy this is likely not going to work for you as it uses cashews.

I simply use a box of Barilla Gluten Free Elbows to make it 100% safe. I can’t eat those as they have rice in them, but the boys love it & that’s all that matters to me. Again, I double this recipe & told the kids we might make a quadruple batch this weekend so they can have some for lunch next week. I like having leftovers in the fridge for school day lunches, don’t you?

The only major difference I make to this recipe is that I don’t soak the cashews, I dump them right into the pan with the veggies while they boil. Less fuss & muss. While the veggies cook, again I dump the other ingredients in the blender to save on time.

BuckWheat Pizza Crust {gluten free, dairy free} I think I may have shared this recipe previously, but it’s our staple pizza crust. It makes one very VERY thick pizza crust or two thin ones. My boys are very adapt at mixing this up while I’m busy doing other things, & then I spread it out on the tins, we pile on toppings, bake, & consume. I have made bigger changes to this recipe in that I use Buckwheat instead of Sorghum, I just find that we like it better that way. Also, keep your hands wet {not oiled} when spreading this out on the tins. I use pizza tins with holes in the base, lay a piece of baking paper down, spread it out. Cook for 15 minutes, remove baking paper {it should slide out form under the crust pretty easily} & then return to the oven for an additional 15-20 minutes depending on how crispy you want that crust.

Gluten Free Pie Crust {gluten free, dairy free} Pie isn’t something we eat in our home a lot, all though I’m pretty sure the men-folk wish we did. However, a good crust is vital to any decent pie, & I have to say finding a crust that is as good as the old oil crust I use to make is amazing. This crust gets plenty of rave reviews from friends & family who’ve been served it. The best thing about this pie crust is that you really can’t mess it up by overworking the dough. My eldest recently made this crust up to make a cherry pie for Christmas, & he had no trouble working with it. We find that it works excellent for a large well filled pie shell with enough dough left over to put on a piece of baking paper with a bit of cinnamon & coconut sugar for a special “cookie treat”.

KFC Style Chicken {gluten & dairy free} Who doesn’t love that seasoning blend of KFC chicken? Perhaps not the greasy content unless you get tenders or popcorn chickens, but that seasoning! KFC is basically an allergy break down waiting to happen for our family between the massive amounts of gluten & dairy used in that place.. a while back my youngest was really craving some KFC so I went scrounging for some kind of simple recipe that might fit the bill. Does this taste exactly like KFC? No, I don’t think so, but then again I can’t remember when I last ate in that place either.

We do make a few changes to this recipe to make it safe for our whole family. First off, no yogurt or milk is used to “wet” the chicken prior to breading. Instead we put the chicken in a bowl & pour in 2-4 T of oil {whatever kind I have on hand} & the amount depends on how much chicken I’m working with. Lately I double things & work with about 2 kilos of chicken breast fillets cut into reasonable sized strips.

I also don’t use the “must use” flour blend because I can’t do rice unless I want to be sporting sores all over my nose & mouth. I’m weird, I know. BUT, thankfully the origional author of the recipe worked with weights so it’s pretty easy to alter. If you can do rice, go with the origional recipe to safe yourselves hassle, but if you can’t I use a combo of: 30g millet, 50g potato, 50 buckwheat, & 50g sorghum for that 184g flour mixture. Everything else is the same as the origional recipe!

I also mix the dry ingredients in the blender with 2 T of solid coconut oil. Freeze it & then bread the chickens. Thus I try to keep this on hand at all times in the freezer. However, if I don’t have time I add a little guar gum and that does the trick.

I also don’t fry these, I put them in my air fryer on 200 {C} for 8 minutes. Then pop them on a pizza pan {the one with holes again} into the oven on warm while I cook the rest. I’ve also made this chicken up in advanced, frozen {prior to cooking} on pans in the freezer & cooked when ready. Works beautifully. We eat this “as is” or in wraps or salads.

Gluten Free Tortilla Wraps {gluten & dairy free} These are the FIRST gluten free wraps that we’ve made that are AMAZING. They fold & wrap without breaking which means that anything store bought now is just cardboard ick to us. I make massive batches of these {we’re talking quadrupled or more} up, roll them all out, & layer them between baking paper & store in the fridge. Then when we want them I just cook them up.

The recipe does say you can cook them all up & reheat, but I prefer them fresh vs reheated where as my boy doesn’t care he’s just grateful to find some in the pantry. He’s also a huge help in making these as he mixes up all the dry ingredients & often deals with the cooking while I’m rolling away. We keep talking about getting a tortilla press, but they aren’t so easy to come by where we live. Plus, we need one that does the “jumbo” sized tortillas because we love using these for salad or chicken wraps, all though we do make mini ones for fajitas too.


These are all staple recipes in our home, & my kids know where to find them so they can cook them too. I use the Paprika Recipe App which makes it pretty easy for everyone to find the recipes, all though little do they know I’m working on putting together cookbooks for them of their favourite recipes so they’ll have their own private cookbooks.

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