In 2016 I read through the Bible using THIS plan. I did not create the plan, I have no idea where I found it, but I converted it into neat little squares I printed on sticker paper, cut out & put in my planner as a visual reminder. While Mr S thought it would be choppy to read the Bible in such a way, I really enjoyed it. In 2017 I debated repeating the same plan, but admittedly I failed & fell pretty short.

So for 2018 I really wanted to find something new & fresh to inspire my Bible reading. I was given My Year In The Bible for Christmas, & really love the idea of journaling something each day as you read the Bible. I could see someone, far more artistic than myself, drawing something from their readings. I didn’t realise that the book itself was a Bible Reading plan, I actually thought there was just a spot for each chapter from each book, so I was still debating what to do when I heard about Read Scripture.

Intrigued I decided to bring it up & take a look. The idea behind Read Scripture is that you read through the Bible at whatever pace works for you, a year, two years, whatever. Just read. I will say that the app itself only uses the ESV Bible so if that doesn’t suit you may want to keep your own Bible handy.

Each day you open up the app, select where you are up to, & just follow the layout. Many days there’s a video to kick off your reading. A video? Yes, a video. I actually really appreciate these videos because they give you a wide view of what you’ll be reading about so you can gain perspective & be on the lookout for things as you read that day. I find that those videos actually cause me to dig deeper into my readings to find little things that were said.

If you’ve ever watched the What’s In The Bible videos for kids, you’ll have a slight idea of what the videos in the Read Scripture app are all about, but on a more grown up level for teens & adults. In fact, while I’ve been using it daily myself I haven’t shared the app with my kids yet {selfish I know!} & am really excited to share it with them when we start up our school year next week.

User tip, if you have an iphone & an apple computer or tv you can do a mirror from your phone to a larger device so multiple people can watch the video at once.. if you’re not an Apple User you could just go to The Bible Project YouTube channel & find the video there to share on a larger screen with more people..

Reading the ESV is new to me, I grew up with the KJV & then used the NKJV for a while before moving to the NASB which is used with most Precept Ministry Bible Studies {my favourite!}, but I’ve really enjoyed the ease of reading the ESV which has only made the experience that much more enjoyable.

In fact, the only real downer that I can give is that it’s digital. Ha! I’m not a huge fan of spending a lot of time reading on a digital device for the sake of my eyes & the fact that it can set my Irlen into a tail spin. Having said that I’m really enjoying reading the ESV & as I don’t own a copy of an ESV I have been “screen reading” until I can pick up a physical copy of the ESV Bible.

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