Next Monday it’s time to dig back into our books as we get back into the routine & rhythm of school. We had a mad dash flurry of purchasing books & curriculum at the end of last year in hopes of getting it all to us prior to the annual post office closure that happens here in December & lasts through January. 
We almost made it, but not quite & found ourself stalking the postie when mail was up & running again, groaning about an additional closure, & then nearly bowling the poor fellow over to procure our final books.

We haven’t really changed much, one is sticking with his beloved Sonlight & the other with his beloved HOD. We’ll  share our choices, which are always subject to change at any time:

Jayden 8th Grade:

Our goal this year with Jayde is to continue working with him to help him be an independent learner, so there are aspects of this he will work solo on & I will attempt not to hover too much. We are VERY excited about his science this year. Last year’s scheduled science was very enjoyable, & such a delight with the meteor showers, eclipses, & so forth, but admittedly it lacked the experiment wow that we’d have liked. I have to admit I was very nervous about this science, remember science is not my strong suit, but when it arrived & we opened up the box with all the beautifully labeled & packaged experiments my boy’s face lit up with excitement.

The only concern I have with this plan, other than the step up in work for our boy, is our IEW SWIB. HOD is well scheduled, & that includes LA but we live what we’ve been using & have opted not to switch to what they use. Having said that, with this level they only scheduled writing once per week as students do a fair amount of writing with research, written narrations, notebooking, etc. This is why I have included dictation this year. We will do the dictation as scheduled & leave the SWI for our 10th academic week per term & have very literal writing intensive weeks.. unless, of course, plans utterly change.

Morgan 10th Grade:

Morgan is very excited to be using Core 200, this wasn’t a level I was sure we’d get to, but he was very excited about it so here we are. Admittedly, the literature for this level is pretty amazing & I think of it as very classic or even British Lit. It will likely go on his transcript as the later. I’ve opted to pull out our Drive-Thru DVDs to have him watch an episode or two each week, he really loved when we pulled out BBC documentaries with Core H, & was dissapointed I didn’t have any on hand for him with Core 100. It’s been a while since we’ve watched these so I thought they might fit the bill, & if nothing else it’s always so fun to see where we are learning about. I’ve debated picking up the Drive-Thru Ancients DVDs, but they are a tad dear so for now we’ll stick with the ones we already own.
He’ll continue with Logic where we left off last year, so he’ll have a little bit of Fallacy Detective to go & then jump right into The Thinking Toolbox before wrapping up with The Art of Argument. We’ve purchased the lecture DVDs for AOA for him to use. He really enjoyed listening to his science with the audio lectures & taking gobs of notes so I thought this might work down the same line.

Science was rearranged a bit for him. His 4 year plan had him with Chemistry for 10th, but due to an error on my behalf with ordering 3 of the same math books {& none of them right!!} he’s a bit farther behind in math that intended. {Can you all say Mom guilt!!} Rather then being upset about it he just slipped biology up a year & postponed his plans for Chemistry.  I love this kid!

French will simply continue forward. He’s really enjoying the journey with his choice in languages. Over the summer holidays we watched the latest “live” Beauty & The Beast & our French was well enough to know what was being said when spoken, but it also meant we knew when the wrong accents were being used. We had ourselves a lovely giggle about it. His end goal is being able to read, without using the dictionary, a Tintin book in it’s origional language. 

I’m not sure yet if he’ll do the SWI as scheduled or just join Jayde for a literal intensive week on our 10th academic week of each term. It may depend on how heavy his schedule is with all that he will have going on and his own preference. I’d like to see him wrap up the SWI & move into a continuation course to be sure we’ve covered all ground needed. Yes, I’m probably worrying for nought considering how well he applied all that he learned to his papers last year, but it’s my job to worry, right?

Don’t you just love his planner? I expected his work load to be increasingly heavy as he moved along & when our umbrella school shared that photo with verse I saved it for the front of his planner. It’s actually much lovelier in person, but you’ll have to take my word for it as I don’t have any better photo to share at the moment.

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