SP #2: Leading Well (You Had Questions, We Had Answers)

This episode is a something of a bonus for those of you who attended our Leading Well retreat this past summer. If you DIDN’T attend the retreat, we think you’ll still enjoy the episode. But more importantly, a lot of you have asked if we offer replays of the retreat for those who missed it, or didn’t know about it at the time. Starting TODAY, the answer to that question is a resounding YES! (See below for more info.)

So – enjoy this question and answer session. We are all over the place – logical consequences, book recommendations on Socrates and Hannibal, dealing with meltdowns, all of it. It’s a wild (and fun!) ride.



Grab the Leading Well Retreat Replay:

Whether you want a little personal renewal and inspiration time, or you want to plan an event for your local group, the Leading Well Retreat Replay is for you! ♥

You can purchase an individual license for personal use only or a group license so you can show it to your book club or homeschool moms group without worrying about everyone buying their own access.

And remember: If you purchased Leading Well this summer, you now have lifetime access and do not need to purchase it again.


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SS #29: I’m Not the Holy Spirit (with Eric Hall)

Mystie and I are pleased to welcome Eric Hall as our guest today. Eric is a classical scholar and teacher who is local to Brandy. That’s right! She gets to know him in real life. Eric has studied at The Master’s College, the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, and Clemson University. When he’s not reading Thomas Aquinas, Eric enjoys mountaineering and rock climbing.

Today’s episode is our attempt to balance two ideas. On the one hand, we have grace – this beautiful free gift of God. On the other hand, we have virtue, and our pursuit of it. Shouldn’t virtue come to us directly from God? And if so, why would Christian classical education say that virtue is the goal of education? Eric is kind enough to help us sort these questions out….



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The post SS #29: I’m Not the Holy Spirit (with Eric Hall) appeared first on Scholé Sisters.