As a student, you’re probably already noticing how many universities you can choose from. So how on earth can you get through the pile of options and find the one for you? Here are some tips for students to find the right college for them. Look closely at the courses Although most universities will offer you the same subjects, their individual modules are likely to be very different. So while one university’s English degree involves teaching you nothing but Shakespeare, another could focus on just Harry Potter and Twilight. Curriculum Look for the schools that offer the right courses and facilities offered for the kinds of studies you want to undertake. If you’re not sure yet, look for a school with a broad-based liberal-arts program. If you want science, make sure they have up-to-date labs, computers and other facilities.   Location Decide where you want to go to college. If you need to live at home or just want to be near at your home or if you want to live in a big city with all its other attractions, limit your scope to that area. Look at the rankings Some universities will open more doors than others. If you’re looking for a prestigious school, or even just one that is really fantastic in a certain subject area, it’s a good idea to check out their rankings to find out who’s the cream of the crop and who should be at the bottom of your options. Size If you think you might be overwhelmed at a large university, look for a school with a smaller number of students. But remember, even at a larger school, after your first couple of years, classroom size gets smaller and you get to know the students in your major area of study. Sports and Activities A rich social life is an important part of college. Find out if the school you’re interested in has clubs or other organizations you can participate in. If you like big-time athletics, make sure your college has the teams in the sports you want to watch or intramural programs you can play in.

Ask other students Want to find out what the university is really like? Then there’s no one better to ask than current students – after all, they’re living it right now. They’ll be honest about what’s great, what sucks and whether it’s worth going to.

Cost Find out what the tuition, fees, room and board charges will be at your choices. You can also find out what the average student pays after financial assistance is factored in. The results can be surprising.


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