A Perfect Square
For this game you’ll need a long rope and several blind folds. Gather the group together, have them sit in a circle and place their blindfolds on their heads. Take a rope with the ends tied together and give it to the group. Their goal is to form a perfect square out of the rope without taking off their blindfolds. Allow them as much time as they like – once they are happy they have formed a square, they can take off their blindfolds and observe their handywork. Variations of this game include preventing some team members from talking. Themes that will come out of this game include leadership, communication, team work and trust.

Aardvark Relay
To play this game, you will need to divide the group into teams (the number of teams depends on the area you have available and group size). You will need some equipment for this game.  Place empty bowls on one side of the room and bowls full of dried peas on the other side.  Make sure there are an equal number of peas in each bowl.  Give each team member a straw. The aim of the game is for each team to transport a small pile of dried peas from a bowl on one side of the room to another bowl on the other side, using only their straw.  They do this by sucking through the straw so the pea stays fixed to the end of the straw.  If they drop the pea they must pick it up again using the straw the winning team is the one that transports all the peas first.

Animal Farm
This is a quick, fun activity to divide your group into smaller groups.  Give each person a card or post-it note with the name of a farm animal on it. To find the rest of their group, they must make the sound of the animal from their card, and then assemble into groups based on their animal. Variations include blindfolding participants, or having different types of sounds

Blanket Volleyball
This game is just like normal volleyball, but each team is given a blanket. The team should stand around the edge of the blanket, stretching it out so it is tight.  The ‘serving’ team should start by placing the ball on the blanket, loosening then bringing it tight so it ‘throws’ the ball over the net.  The other team then uses their blanket to catch the ball then throw it back. It’s an interesting and fun variation to a game we’re all familiar with.

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