CEO Eva Moskowitz founder of SUCCESS ACADEMY INSTITU said that she had two goals when she launched New York City’s largest charter school network a decade ago: Open high-performing schools while working to improve American education more broadly. She said, but a new online platform aims to grow the network’s footprint beyond America’s largest school district. Her plans to expand Success Academy outside of New York City aren’t currently part of the equation. Success Academy Institute unveiled Wednesday from their headquarters in Lower Manhattan, the free portal offers access to the curriculum and teacher development strategies that are employed at Success Academy’s 41 schools across the city. According to Moskowitz there are far too many kids across the country who are trapped in schools where they don’t learn to read and write and do mathematics and science at the most basic level, so we feel incredible pressure to be part of the solution. Success Academy’s track record in closing the achievement gap and improving the academic outcomes of low-income students of color was recognized this week when it won the $250,000 Broad Prize, which is meant for college readiness programs, such as scholarships or campus visits. The online platform, which currently offers the charter network’s literacy curriculum for kindergarten through fourth grade, is the first step in a broader effort to introduce teachers across the country to the Success Academy mantra. In the fall, the network plans to open a teacher-training facility at Hudson Yards in Manhattan with a lab school for students in kindergarten through eighth grade. The network has grown from one school to more than 40 in a decade, making it larger than 95 percent of school districts across the country. It reported in April receiving roughly 17,000 applications for 3,017 available seats for the 2017-18 school year. Moskowitz and the network have come under fire, particularly for strict discipline, emphasis on test prep and allegations that it fails to serve or push out high-needs or underperforming students. Success has denied that charge.

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