Robotics seems to have renewed interest in STEM courses like none other. It brings science, technology, engineering and mathematics which were earlier taught as four different subjects, together as one. It has often been highlighted that there is a growing shortage of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) professionals in the US. With innovative ways of teaching emerging with robotics, it is fast becoming the new R of learning in the new technology-driven world. Educational robotics has emerged as a field which involves students, coding, designing, developing and operating robots, thereby facilitating the development of their understanding and application of various subjects. Many programs combining STEM and Robotics have started in the recent years that facilitate this form of teaching in schools, even at the elementary level. They use STEM-friendly robot kids to teach fundamental engineering concepts, design, building, testing, development, and basics of coding. Students collaborate and develop robots to solve realistic problems like the need for quick transportation. Direct application of knowledge increases the interest of students in the subjects and develops an innovative mindset at a young age. As per FIRST ®, 89% of its students who actively participated in such competitions took up STEM courses at the student or professional level. This helps develop their interest in subjects like mathematics, coding, engineering, science and technology which lead innovation. Learning is more fun and faster, as compared to the traditional ways of imparting education. Being more interactive and creative, it has a high level of engagement leading students to pursue STEM courses even after high school. As students learn and apply their knowledge in STEM, they prepare themselves to be future problem solvers and innovators. This mode of education focused on innovation has brought STEM back to life, reviving the interest of students in the subject and is expected to design the future of education.

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