Despite having an IQ higher than Einstein, a young girl was not accepted at Aylesbury High School.

One of the most intelligent children in the world, Mia Golosino has set her heart that she will be going to the school in September, travelling in from her home in Milton Keynes.

Despite graduating with flying colors, Mia was turned down for Aylesbury High School when allocation letters were sent out earlier this year. Because of that, she decided to attend the Royal Latin School in Buckingham instead.

Her parents, IT manager Jose and full-time mum Mary were amazed to find that Mia scored the highest possible mark of 162 IQ – more than Albert Einstein.

The Aylesbury High School told the parents that the refusal was due to the school being oversubscribed. Also, it could be another reason that her siblings already attending the school.

Headteacher Alan Rosen said that “In common with all state schools, we publish our admission criteria on our website, and encourage all would-be applicants to study them to see who will be admitted in the event of over-subscription.

We do not, as some people might assume, give priority to the highest-scoring qualified pupils; in terms of the transfer test, all that matters is that a pupil has achieved the qualifying score, and that is a principle that is common across Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools.

From the qualified pupils, the main criteria give priority to those with siblings at either AGS or AHS, those in receipt of Free School Meals and within our catchment area, and then all others who are in catchment on the basis of the distance from their home.

We then take qualified pupils from outside our catchment area, and they are also admitted on home-to-school distance.

This means that every year we take all qualified applicants up to a certain radius; the distance is published on the Bucks CC website for all over-subscribed secondary schools, not just the grammar schools.

We are always happy to answer questions about the admission system for our school, and work with all Bucks Grammar Schools, primary schools and Bucks CC to ensure that the transfer process is as clear and joined-up as we can make it.”

Jose and Mary migrated to Milton Keynes after uprooting from the Philippines 10 years ago, have asked for Mia’s story to be shared to inspire other youngsters.

Jose added, “We thought it might inspire other families’ kids who did not get into their preferred school.”

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