First impression lasts! This saying is really true especially in teaching. The first impact of your appearance and first activity and discussion with your students will always determine the kind of semester or school year that you will be having with them. Therefore, first days should not be just taken for granted and should require great preparation.

  1. Open with a bang!

Since first days is very important in creating the mood for the whole time that you will be with them. Also, for them to be interested to you and to the subject that you will be teaching them, you have to give them something to look forward to from you.

Make sure that you will be discussing important thing in your class like your how you will grade them, rules and other more.


2.    Get Personal

Be open to your students! Make sure that you make them feel that you are comfortable with them and you also want to get to know them. Let your students have the time to introduce themselves to you and to tell them about somethings interesting about them. Always show an interested face whenever they are speaking.


3.    Learn Their Names

For your students to feel more important, try to memorize their names and call them whenever you will see them inside or outside your classroom. Make some actions for you to memorize the names of your students like using a sitting arrangement or by letting them pass a paper with their names that you can use for recitation and in memorizing their names.

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