Waking up early is one of the biggest struggles of every student. Many of them uses a lot of measures to cope with this problem but still many of them fail. Since going to school is important, they really have to adjust and deal with the early schedule of schooling.

Here are some tips for students to wake up early.

1.    Walk to stop the ringing

Place your alarm clocks far from your bed so that when it rings, you have no choice but to stand up and go to the place where your alarm clock is. With that, you will be no longer tempted to go back to sleep.

2.     Drink water!

During your sleep, you need water to replenish your body; without it, you will be dehydrated. Also, drinking water will make you alert enough to hear the ringing of your alarm clock.

3.    Sleep with the curtains open

When your curtains are open, you will be exposed to light when it’s already daytime so you will have no choice but to open your eyes and get ready for school.

4.    Wash your face!

When you wake up, splash water or warm water in your face and followed by a soap. In this way, you will no longer be under your sleepy state.

5.    Have some hot drinks!

The hot drinks will awaken your sleepy heads. Sugar and caffeine will stimulate blood flow to the brain; therefore, energizing you!

6.    Eat breakfast!

To be energized, you need calories so you have to eat your breakfast. Nutrient-rich foods to bring include fruits like bananas and oranges, yogurt, nuts, trail mix, and a small bag of cereal.

7.     Start the day on a psychological level.

Always think positive! You will always have to wake up with excitement everyday that you are looking forward for great things to happen.

8.     Pull off the blanket!

If the 7 tips above are not yet effective, then, tell your mom or your friend to pull your blanket, yell at you until you are widely awake.

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