As parents, you are committed to Potty train your child but it will never be that easy for you. Here are some challenges in Potty training and possible ways to solve it.

1.    Never Leave Home Without a Potty

Problem: You will always leave the house and go somewhere else.

Solution: Use a portable potty when you are about to leave the house where you can just place behind your car. Also, make sure that it is also easy to dispose.

2.    Let Your Toddler See What’s Inside that Diaper

Problem: The mess is too big.

Solution: Let your child see that his/her mess is too big for a diaper that is why they have to go to the toilet.

3.    Wait Until Your Child is Ready

Problem: Some other children of your friends are peeing already in the potty. Why not yours?

Solution: When other children are ready enough to use the potty, it doesn’t mean that your child is ready also. Make sure that you will not be pressured and you will not pressure your child.

4.    Teach by Example

Problem: Even if you already show your child what to do, he/she will still not do it correctly.

Solution: Patiently show an example to your child by letting his/her older brother do it with them.

5.    Sit This Way!

Problem: Sometimes, your child is not allured to artistically designed potty. They still want to do it in a way that you do yours.

Solution: If this is the case, let your child use a regular potty and let him/her face backward. At least, your child will directly go to the toilet whenever they have to.

6.    Try Role Reversal

Problem: Your little one has anxiety of potty training.

Solution: It will always be difficult for a child to go out of their comfort zones and that includes their diaper. This anxiety could be removed by letting your child play with his/her teddy bear in a potty scenes.

7.    Build Consistency at Home & School

Problem: Your child is improving in your home but not s school.

Solution: Teachers and parents should partner in potty training the child. Consistency will always be the key for retention and mastery of the action. Therefore, even if children are not in their homes, parents are confident that the school is also training them.

8.    Call In the Positive Reinforcements

Problem: Your little one won’t move when it comes to doing business outside of a diaper.

Solution: Let your child be entertained when she/he is in the toilet. You can try possible ways to let them forget about moving from the potty.

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