Our term feels slightly all over with that sick week in there, but we’re in our groove & we had a really lovely week.

I walked into the library one day this week to grab my water bottle & found our table as we’d left it for lunch. I had to chuckle because it perfectly explained our entire day & couldn’t resist taking a photo of all the hard work that at least one child had put in. {The other child worked hard too, but his mess was contained to the desk he uses..}

Yes, our weather has finally dipped cool enough to turn on the heaters. All though we’ve still had semi-warm days at times where the heaters are off & we throw open the windows for a few hours to freshen up the house a bit. The kids are very very grateful for their lovely warm homemade snuggle blankets their Gram sent them for Christmas.

We’re nearly done with our beautiful read aloud. We’ve really loved this book & the boys discovered the “big secret” of the book, all though the eldest had guessed correctly what he suspected it would be. He said that Mother gave away the secret during an earlier scene. If the younger had figured it out he didn’t mention it in our discussion. We only have 4 chapters left to read & then it will time to select a new one, which is always an interesting moment in our home.

At long last we wrapped up Edgar Allen Poe’s section, & in all honesty I don’t think any of us could be happier. I wasn’t looking forward to his section in our poetry book this year, but have to say it wasn’t all bad, we did enjoy reading his biography & dipping into a few of his more interesting poems. However, many of his poems are riddled with death & sadness, not a topic we are keen to dwell on. Further, we found that the notes prior to Poe’s poems were often misleading. If any of them were correct than there was a fair bit of the poem or story left out! I’m looking forward to moving into Walt Whitman’s section in the coming week.

New vocabulary words were loaded & ready for us this week. The sheet I slip them into is very flexible so I tend to fold it up so they can only see one word at a time as I introduce the new selections. Everyone agreed that the bottom left was absolutely disgusting! I did select a few I thought they’d know in order to make the ones they don’t know a little quicker to learn. We’ll stick with this load of words a bit longer.

Morgan & I are still making our way through both of these books. We are just over the halfway mark in each one. Bonanza Girl continues to be as funny as ever as we watch Mother, Katherine, & Jemmy make their way in their adventures. Evidence For Jesus continues to be enthralling for us & again this week our readings lined up with what I covered with Jayde in Peace & Peril.  I’m really enjoying watching our boy’s excitement & interest in topics like this. He & I are really bummed that A Case For Christ isn’t coming to our town, in fact the nearest town showing it is over 3 hours away. Alas..
Both boys tackled a new lesson in math this week. Morgan is our early bird so while he was waiting on Jayde to get rolling so we could indulge in our read aloud & Bible readings he watched a Math lecture. He normally does a lesson with Dad on the weekend & they go over new material, review old material, & he’s set for the week, but last weekend was a bit of a mess so he tackled things himself this week. I love that he took that initiative.
Ignore the look on his face, I have no idea what’s going on there, & I promise my kid has pants on just gaping holes in the knees. Jayde tackled research on Monday, one of his very favourite aspects of his new history programme. He’s actually on dictionary.com, so I think this was a photo of him prior to science one day. His research this week was about Alexandria.
We read several more chapters in Peril & Peace which Jayde is absolutely loving. I suspect he would when we made the choice to use HOD, so I really enjoy watching his enthusiasm with these books. Our schedule was caught up to where we’d left off with Forbidden Gates so we dug back into our read aloud this week too. I love that with HOD he’s not just listening, but looking for specific things in our readings. What he’s looking for differs each day, so it also keeps him on his toes.
We finished The Tempest this week in Shakespeare, & he wrapped his notebooking page with the second picture being coloured & the second quote. I’ve noticed that his handwriting is a bit slack the last couple of weeks as he’s not been using his normal grey paper. Whites, yellows, & oranges are huge struggles for him with his VPD, & while the photo doesn’t look it the parchment area to write in with the notebooking pages has a yellow tinge to us. I may have him practice some typing skills with those, but I really do appreciate the amount of physical writing he does with HOD.
Morgan got back to science this week complete with a nifty experiment. I was asked to participate so I had to swing a string with some washer tied on it, & then he says, “Now keep it going Mom, & when I say NOW, I’m going to cut the string.” At which point I suggested we move outside before he said the secret word!

I seem to have lost my photo of Jayde’s work, all though you might see the eclipse drawing he did at the top of this post. I thought it was beautiful. We covered the sun & eclipses which he really loved & was inspired to look up when the next one would be in our area. August, how awesome is that? He’s very excited & marked the calendar so we wouldn’t forget. He’s been using a lovely sketch book for his science notebook, but I printed him out some of our science notebooking pages on grey paper because I think he’ll need the grey paper for his VPD.

Morgan had skills raining with hockey this week. The winter season is upon us, which has him excited & me thinking I should pull out Jayde’s quilt to work on during matches because I’ll need the extra warmth! He had a blast, all though the boys leading the training session had out orange balls for the training period & even with his tints on the orange was just killing our boys VPD. We may need to call Dr T about it because he may be in need of a new level, or then again neon orange balls on a neon green playing surface may be one trigger to many for our boy. I suspect if he’d spoken up they’d have rallied behind him & found him another ball. The group of kids he plays with are just amazing like that.

Jayde had one final reading in Peril & Peace to go as well as a written narration when we had to leave for hockey so we packed up the books to take with us because he really wanted to wrap his work up on Thursday so he could sleep in a little on Friday. Ahh, the inspiration this boy finds cracks me up. Yes, this photo is totally posed, he was actually reading a chapter near the back of the book. I told him not to lose our bookmarked spot & so he pinched the back pages tightly together.
Jayde has been reading Jed Smith as his biography. We haven’t tackled any further DITHOR lessons yet as I wanted him to get a good jump start on his reading so he’d find the lessons in DITHOR easier to find answers for.

Morgan is still enjoying A Long Way From Chicago on his own, he’ll be a while reading it as he had some slow days during overcast weather which is always hard on his VPD. I’m not too stressed about it as he’ll accomplish the job. He’s not using DITHOR, this was a book in his own history curriculum.

I seem to be missing a fair few pictures, but that’s alright. We worked on the second verse in Philippians this week. Jayden also worked further on his Bible study based on Philippians, as well as his devotional this week.
I’m always short on pictures of Morgan these days as he’s often busy working independently. He mowed the lawn on Sunday afternoon, & I was busy doing a freezer check for my menu so I snapped a photo. Ha!  As for history he finished of Volume 7 of HUS & dug into Nothing To Fear. He’s got one more HUS book to go before term break, so despite our sick week he’s looking really good with his goals.

Jayden’s final history notebooking pages for the week are all finished up. The grey slots are where he’s typed up things on the computer & then printed them out. We cut the pages down & use some double stick tape to affix them. I really love these keepsakes at the end of the week.

All up another busy week for us. We did some IEW writing as well, but we were so carried away watching the lecture that I seem to have missed snapping a quick photo. Oops! 

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