It is true that students face a lot of problems in their academic life. Because they are still young, they should be taught about those problems and should ask for their parents help in dealing with it. Here are some common problems of students and some ways to prevent this affect your performance in school.

  1. Concentration

Concentration or focus is very essential for students to get good grades in school. Without this, they will experience problem absorbing their lessons and answering correctly during exams or quizzes. Also, since students are not bombarded with different sources of entertainment and gadgets, their focus and concentration is divided.

To achieve more concentration, student should have enough sleep daily, take regular exercise, study in a place with less distraction, avoid multi-tasking, take short breaks in long study, and get your all work done before you sit to study.


  1. Exam Stress

Truly, exams are stressing! Students are thinking about a lot of things like how will they prepare all the requirements before exams, how will they pay their matriculation and what if they fail their exams.

In situation like this, students should condition their minds properly and they should be brave enough to take the exam. They should utilize their time properly and not waste it worrying about things.


  1. Imposed Programs

Some students have no freedom in choosing whatever career or program will he/she pursue. Parents are big factors in this, they tend to force their children to follow what they want for them and not knowing the interest of the child. Therefore, since they are not interested in what their parents are insisting, they will also not have the enthusiasm to study. In this situation, students should know what they really want and they have to convince their parents about it. Similarly parents should consider the interest of their children for selecting a major career for their children.


  1. Lack of Motivation and encouragement

Students should be encouraged and motivated from time to time so that they will always be enthusiastic about studying their lessons and doing well in their studies.

With that, parents and teachers should really be there to motivate them even if they just did a simple thing and even if they got zero in their quiz. Avoid saying negative things to them, focus more on encouraging them to do better next time.

  1. Financial Problems

This is really a big thing to the students. Maybe they are just not letting their parents see it but they are affected of it. Also, because of this problem some students have to quit from school.

In this problem, government should take the responsibility by giving more programs that will help more families to bring their children to school.


  1. Lack of Practical Education

Practical education should really one of the scopes of our education. Aside from it will help students more, it will also make lessons more appealing to them because of its relevance in their lives.

With that, teachers should really give students more practical applications of their lessons every day.


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