It is very challenging to make food look appealing for your children so they will be happy to eat more. Now, here are some tips to increase your child’s appetite:

  1. Oblige your children to eat breakfast. Breakfast boosts metabolism and increases child’s appetite.

  2. Offer water to them 30 minutes before meal time, this strategy will increase their metabolism. Give it a try!

  3. Feed your children every two hours. Regular meals every after two hours will surely improve their appetite.

  4. Also, snacks that will be offered to your children should be as good as meals.

  5. Peanut is not just an ordinary nut. Having properties for appetite-boosting and protein-building, peanuts

    is consider

    to be the king of nuts. If your child asks for

    a chips

    , offer him/her nuts.

  6. To increase metabolism of your children, offer them their favorite food as much as possible. This will be a good start of making them love eating. After this, you can start offering them healthier foods.

  7. Don’t make oily food! These foods could kill your children’s appetite.

  8. Avoid talking about stressful things during meal times. It will surely kill your child’s appetite!

  9. Let your children play or exercise more. Playing and exercising helps improve your children’s appetite.

  10. Don’t skip dessert! Desserts that are made up of fruits can help in building your child’s appetite.

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