Parenting will always be the hardest but the most fulfilling work. Despite of being hands on to their children, they still wat to achieve things in their fields. To do these two things simultaneously, they work at home and still be a parent to their children. This idea sounds so great but it could also be a disaster if not enough effort will be exerted. Greater conflicts might arise in this kind of set-up so parents should make sure to make the right decisions every day.

            Parents should set guidelines for their children, other people in their household and even for themselves to maintain order and balance in the house. It takes greater self-discipline to achieve success working at home. Usually, parents who work at home are free lancers, they earn according to how they will work or to the number of tasks that they will be accomplishing. With that, they should avoid distractions that might be brought by their children, the media or the things in their house. They need to manage their time well, make use of it productively.

            Parents working at home should also be careful of how they multitask. Working at home will always tempt parents to spare some time for their children; this is not a bad thing, but they should always know the difference between “quality and quantity”. It is just okay to focus on their work first before spending time with children to make it a more meaningful one.

            Greater expectations are given to those parents who work at home because people are expecting them to have more flexible schedules. Sometimes neighbors or colleagues might invite them for some events and activities for volunteering that might put their work time at stake. On the other hand, having such event or activities would be a great time for them and their children and an opportunity for them to set an example to their children.

            Indeed, if a parent will be given a chance to work at home, they will surely grab it to have greater time with their children.

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