Students are diverse in terms of their cognitive skills, their socio economic status, their learning styles and many more. Because of that teachers should be aware that no single strategy or method will fit all his/her students.

In a diverse class, the differentiated instruction will be teachers’ effective tool. Differentiated Instruction used in classroom discussion involves more students and encourages more participation from the students during recitation and activities. There potentials will be maximized through different instructional materials and activities. Most teachers know about differentiated instruction as an effective tool during discussion, but, they are not aware that it is an effective toon for assessment as well. Students who are fast learners needs more and advanced assessments for them to utilize their skills. For students who are slow in understating the lessons, they need assessments that will exercise their minds and will lead them to understand the lessons. Also teachers should give different kinds of assessments that will cater not just their minds but also their skills and creativity.

Students, whether smart or not that smart, deserve to learn. Teachers should never give up to their students. With effort and love, they can make a difference in the lives of their students.

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