Trouble sleeping?

Are you tired of turning and tossing all night? That could be a sleeping disorder where a person has difficulty of sleeping even if they want sometimes it called insomnia.

How long to snooze

A normal number of sleep is 8-9 hours some are 6 hours. But too much spending time sleeping could be a sign of another health problem such as depression or chronic fatigue syndrome.

Lack of sleep harms health

Scientists proven that people who are less or lack of sleeping sorter from 5 below hours of sleeping have a risk of having high blood pressure and other heart condition problems.

Lack of sleep can also raise your risk for obesity, diabetes, depression, alcoholism, and automobile accidents. Sleep deprivation directly affects areas of the brain that deal with mood and concentration.

Signs of healthy sleep

The Doctors need to see the problem through the quality and quantity of sleeping. It is easy to tell by the doctor if someone has problem of sleeping. A person who has a condition called insomniac can tell someone who has sleeping apnea.

The most telling sign of a disorder is how you feel during the day. If you generally wake up alert and refreshed, you’re a healthy sleeper. If you chronically wake up sleepy, irritable, and unfocused, you may have a sleep disorder.

One of the most sign of this disorder is that if the person is alert, awake and enthusiast during the day. A person who has plenty of sleep, have a refreshed mind and that’s what a people who has a healthy lifestyle. But the opposite of these healthy manifestation is 100% unhealthy, affects his daily living and relationship wither people.

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