From taking care of our shoes, we’re not only extending their life but also we’re saving some money from doing it.  Keep your shoes in shape and stay longer with these tips.

  • Spray your shoes with a waterproof protector. It will protect the surface when they will take a lot of action during rainy days.
  • Have an alternate pairs. Don’t wear the same pair of shoes often; two days in a row or more.  You should allow them to sit for at least twenty four hours to dissipate lingering odor and dry out.
  • Clean your shoes on a regular basis. Clean them before dirt sets in; don’t just leave it there.  Your shoes also need to be cleaned on the insides especially if odor is a problem.  You can swab them with alcohol.
  • Polish your leather shoes. Regular polishing will keep them supple and look as good as new.
  • Restore the color. If your shoes start to fade, have them dyed.  This will make them look new.
  • Use a shoe horn when you’re put them on or taking them off. The constant flexing will break down the stiff material at the collar and can damage your shoes.
  • Let them dry. If your shoes happened to get wet, let them dry where there is air flow.  Don’t put them on a heater or expose them directly to sunlight; this will cause crackling, discoloration or even peeling.   Never wear them when they’re not completely dry.
  • Store your shoes with a shoe trees. As shoes cool and dry, they contract, and having shoe trees inserted inside of each shoe will help them keep their original shape.  If you do not have a shoe tree, fill them with some tissue or newspapers.
  • Organize your shoes. Keep your shoes separately and avoid jumbling them up.  They probably rub and scratch one another.


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