Before dogs get pregnant, they will be experiencing a “heat” cycle.  Most dogs into heat 2 times a year; though smaller dogs might come up to three times.  Most female dogs experience their first heat cycle at the age of 6 months which occurs for 2 to 4 weeks. But, veterinarians suggest that you do not breed a dog during her first heat, unless it happens after she is 1 year old.  Large breed female dogs have their first heat cycle at the age of 18 to 24 months.

During the heat cycle, female dog has a swollen vulva and there’s a bloody discharge from vagina.  She can attract male dogs, but she won’t permit them to breed until the first 9 days end.  The following 9 days, she’s fertile; begin to be receptive and may present herself to male dogs. This is usually done by “flagging” a male; moving her tail to the side and presenting her rump.  After that stage, she will no longer show interest in them.

Signs of Dog Pregnancy

How can you tell if your dog is pregnant?  Observe your dog if she has these following signs.

Lack of appetite.  This is the usual sign that a dog is pregnant, but not to all female dogs.  If your dog is experiencing this, don’t worry because most dogs won’t skip more than 2 days without eating at least a little.

Sudden Decrease in Activity.  Just like women, it is because of the hormonal changes caused by her pregnancy.

Nipples Development.  It is the easiest indicator that your dog is pregnant.  This is in preparation for milk production.  Usually, the nipples are very light pink but it turn to more pink.

Changes in Behavior.  Some females become more affectionate, or some just wants to be alone.  It is all because of the changes they’re feeling in their body.

After that first few weeks, she will regain her appetite and will start gaining weight.  Her pregnancy will last between 58 and 67 days, with the average time frame being closer to 63 days or 2 around months.

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