Tips to Increase Your Child’s Appetite

Tips to Increase Your Child’s Appetite

It is very challenging to make food look appealing for your children so they will be happy to eat more. Now, here are some tips to increase your child’s appetite:

  1. Oblige your children to eat breakfast. Breakfast boosts metabolism and increases child’s appetite.

  2. Offer water to them 30 minutes before meal time, this strategy will increase their metabolism. Give it a try!

  3. Feed your children every two hours. Regular meals every after two hours will surely improve their appetite.

  4. Also, snacks that will be offered to your children should be as good as meals.

  5. Peanut is not just an ordinary nut. Having properties for appetite-boosting and protein-building, peanuts

    is consider

    to be the king of nuts. If your child asks for

    a chips

    , offer him/her nuts.

  6. To increase metabolism of your children, offer them their favorite food as much as possible. This will be a good start of making them love eating. After this, you can start offering them healthier foods.

  7. Don’t make oily food! These foods could kill your children’s appetite.

  8. Avoid talking about stressful things during meal times. It will surely kill your child’s appetite!

  9. Let your children play or exercise more. Playing and exercising helps improve your children’s appetite.

  10. Don’t skip dessert! Desserts that are made up of fruits can help in building your child’s appetite.

Week In Review: Week 23

This was our full first week back this term now that kids were on the mend & ready to jump into things. There are still some lingering coughs & congestion from the allergen exposure, but they are both well on the mend.

Despite being our first full week back it was a bit lopsided having school Monday, Tuesday off, & then school the remainder of the week. Tuesday was Anzac Day, & with Mr S home we were off from our normal academic studies.

As for the picture to the left, Mr Archimedes was being quite contrary one morning this week as he was deeply offended he wasn’t allowed out of his cage upon the awakening of the first person in the home. His affronted behaviour continued into our morning basket time until I finally turned the book around so he could read it to us. He promptly eyeballed it up & then became quite quiet. On the bright side, at least he didn’t attempt to take a chunk out of the page, which is what I half expected him to do.

Morgan & I are up earlier & ready to roll before Jayde so we’ve been reading through Evidence For Jesus together. This was one of the Bible books scheduled in his Sonlight readings this year, & admittedly one of the few SL Bible Books I’m not minding. It’s been quite an interesting read as the author has pushed his point. We read through several chapters & I really enjoyed that the chapters in this book lined up with a book I was reading with Jayde this week too.

This boy really loves when I read aloud to him, & as he’s been working so independently this year, aside from the family Read Aloud, we haven’t shared a book together in a while. I snagged one of his lit books  we’ve been slipping a chapter or so of that in together in the mornings too. Bonanza Girl is an absolute hoot thus far, & my boy nearly lost his morning smoothie during one reading in which Mamma was outraged that breakfast for 3 cost her $2 instead of the .60 she’d anticipated. It took us a while to contain ourselves to continue reading, you know after we each pretended to be Mamma & outraged at the cost of breakfast. It’s a seriously funny book & we’re excited to see where it goes.

We are still working through our assigned poetry book. We’re nearly finished with Edgar Allen Poe’s section, & to be honest he’s not a favourite poet. His poems often speak of sorrow, death, & the rather dramatic side of life. Mind you, after reading his biography we do understand this mindset that he had, what a rotten way to live thinking your foster father didn’t love you enough to adopt you, when it was likely a mere lack of communication between the two men.  Maybe it’s just us, or maybe it’s that Poe has followed Dickinson & we very much enjoyed Emily’s poems & thus it’s a hard act to follow..

We pulled out our vocabulary cards which weren’t getting much attention. We reviewed some older cards to see how much had stuck & there were only a couple of words that were forgotten. We’ll start with a fresh batch in the new week & these will be retired to the wall where we will see them daily to remind ourselves of their meanings.

We started a new read aloud a week ago, I think I mentioned it last week, & we indulged in a few more chapters this week. After reading through a stack of books on Tuesday I had to pull up an audio copy to enjoy because I wasn’t sure I could read any further. I was delighted to find that Audible had the Recorded Books version with Virginia Leishman as the narrator. She does such a lovely job & her British accent is delightful as always. We often flip between hard books & audio books depending on how much previous reading I’ve been doing.

Jayde started his new curriculum this week. He had a rough start Monday & Wednesday but found his groove by Thursday, which was an absolute delight to see. I am a big fan of his Bible book, we actually own another one done by the same author so this isn’t too unfamiliar territory for him. It’s spread out over the year & the pace is slower than what we might have normally set, but it allows him to build the confidence to do Bible study on his own. This week, however, we did most things together so he could learn the ropes & expectations in each area.

He’s also working on memorising Philippians 1 this year. He’s generally very good at memorising things so it’ll be interesting to see how he goes. We’ve decided to do this in the way we generally do our Memory Box. We took turns this week being the reader of the card while the other person followed along.

There’s also a devotional that we do a few days a week. We’ve owned this book for years, but I don’t think Jayde has read it. His little blue notebook is for writing specific things from this, & other sources, into.  This book really speaks to him, & it was fun watching his face light up as we read through the first chapter together.

Monday he had some research to do on Rome & wondered if it was a bad time to call Uncle D & ask for firsthand information. I suggested he check with google for his answers & then if he felt uncertain about them we could send Uncle D a message.. you know, after making sure it wasn’t 3 in the morning. He really enjoyed the research aspect of his studies.

We read a few pages in the art book he’ll be using this year as well & then he was able to look at a detailed painting on his notebook page. He found a few things in both that really peeked his curiosity, but I confess this photo is entirely staged. I told him to pretend to be really interested in the book again so I could snap a photo. What he really wanted to do was dash to the kitchen to see if the guys were done with their project or not.

It was a little bit funny that Diana Warring’s cd was included in our boys HOD this year as I’d actually considered using her history programme with him.  Jayde is so-so about the CD. Mrs Warring is very high energy & with our boy’s acute hearing it makes it hard to find the right volume level for him where she’s not too quiet or too loud. While I struggle with the volume of her voice too, I was prepared having heard her passion for history & homeschooling during an online conference years ago. I really appreciated these audio recording because it is her passion that really makes you want to pay attention to every word she speaks.
This was the science I mentioned in my last post that I felt was a bit below our boy & his grade/age level. regardless we’re embarking with it anyway & so far he’s enjoyed the short readings each day. He’s challenged to write down written narrations & sketches in his notebook as well, which is the biggest reason I felt this science was the right choice. Writing is an area our boy is likely not up to snuff in thanks to his VPD & working with a text that is easy to understand will allow him to concentrate more on the writing aspect. That, & the kid would rather poke his own eyes out than deal with a science that will mention molecules & atoms again this year. I think glue may have moved off the mortal enemy list as atoms & molecules may now be resting in first place. Ha!

Tuesday was Anzac Day, & generally we go to the 11am family services held at the local Anzac Cenotaph, but this year it was very cold & wet out. We were really worried about the boys, especially the eldest, being out in that. He was still dealing with a pretty ugly cough on Tuesday. We all just sat there at 11 am looking at each other & the youngest finally said, “I feel weird.” That pretty much summed it up. This is one of those moments that our youngest really loves, as his passion for all branches of the military is pretty high. When the Anzac Day match {Aussie Rules} came on he was quick to sit down & watch the Anzac Ceremony. After it was over he sad, “I didn’t know the MCG could be that quiet.” It really is an amazing thing to watch 87,00 plus fans so quiet that if someone sneezes you can hear it.
You’ve probably noticed a huge bias in photos this week of Jayde vs anything else, & if you know our family well you’re probably thinking how incredibly weird that the camera shy child is the only one in the photos this week. Yep, so am I.  Monday was rainy & miserable & grey so our eldest grabbed his gear, a blanket, & went off upstairs to find a patch of warmth to lie in. He needs as much natural light as possible on overcast days or with his VPD it’s impossible to see.

He’s been reading through Volume 7 still of Hakim’s A Story of Us. He’s had a few questions while reading through this particular volume which have raised many interesting discussions. Over all he really does enjoy these titles & is often full of questions & facts that he can’t wait to share with us after he’s done reading.

He & the math book that finally caught up got busy this week. Only, wouldn’t you know I couldn’t find any spare binding to spiral bind this thing so he pulled an empty binder off the shelf & we set to work hole punching it, which in fairness was quicker because our 3-hole punch can manage many more pages at a go than the ProClick can. The only flaw so far was when I corrected a page & pulled the ultimate “mom mistake”.. okay so it’s probably only a “Mom Mistake” in our home & stems back to when I was homeschooled & got a whole page of math problems wrong & it wasn’t until I was trying to deal with corrections that I had to search out my mother & say that unless 2+2 no longer equaled 4 there was no way I got my whole page wrong. Turned out she’d been looking at the wrong page in the answer key. I did not look at the wrong page, he’d skipped 1 problem {unknowingly because his work was scrawled all over the place} & I didn’t skip a problem in the answer key. Thus there may be a bunch of scribbles on his page which say, “Just joking George, you didn’t really get this wrong..” Never mind his name isn’t George, you totally get my Weasley joke, right?

Jayden’s level of HOD had an optional Shakespeare component to it, which I was delighted to add on for a few reasons. The biggest is that we also had Morgan do Shakespeare around 6th or 7th grade & he really enjoyed it. He used different resources, so I was quite intrigued to read the Lamb version of Shakespeare with my boy. Yes, the programme guide has the children reading it on their own, but I read it to my boy while he works on his colouring & then he added a quote to the page as required.

His finished notebooking pages for history this week. It was a fair sum of writing compared to what he was use to, but it was one reason we were pulled to HOD for him in the first place. From L to R you have: Polycarp, Justin, & Constantine timeline figures {hand drawn & dated}. Polycarp biography. Postcard of Rome {research information he gathered} which was addressed to Mrs Potts because I said he couldn’t address it to the refrigerator. Map of the world which he marked Rome on, photo of Justin which he labeled. Written Narration of Constantine, Roman Arch {was to be used for a hands on project we skipped}, & photo of another Roman Arch

This was Jayden’s spine for the week, & he absolutely loved it. I’m not at all surprised, another winning feature in our move to HOD with him was the selection of non-fiction books that we knew he’d enjoy. I heard him discussing several of the martyrs he’d read about with Mr S last night while I was trying to get dinner out of the oven, & the excitement over finding the sign for Christian/Christ in his Roman Empire game. 

All up it was a lovely week back to studies. I really appreciated that despite a rough start to our week our boy found his feet with his new programme. He accomplished all we set out for him to accomplish with it this week. While there are no photos, he also tackled his regularly scheduled math programme this week.

We left our writing & grammar for next week so that he could ease back into a schedule specially with the new programme. This level of HOD uses IEW’s Middle Ages, but as we are already running with SWI-B from IEW, we felt it was better to stick with what we are doing.

Our eldest really accomplished more than 2 things this week, I’m just lacking the photos to show all his accomplishments. He tackled all his history {HUS Vol 7 & After The Dancing Days}, broke in the new math book, started reading A Long Way From Chicago & was so caught up in the story that when we called him for lunch he shouted down the hall, “I’m sorry I can’t come now. Grandma is about to shoot someone, or maybe she has I don’t know yet! I’m not sure she’s a good Grandma, I’m just.. I have to figure this out!”

Ahh yes, my first impression of Grandma when I read that book many moons ago. I actually bought him the trilogy to work through because while Grandma is rough around the edges, especially in that first chapter, she grows on you & I know he’ll want to hear the rest of her story. I’d made the mistake of saying, “It’s like Grandma’s Attic, you know if Grandma were naughty..”

He tackled French this week, & a grand amount of it too. He was really hung up, as I shared last week, with some flaws in the app, but has really found his feet with things using the website & set himself some mini goals that he tackled & succeeded with.

He was suppose to jump back in with science this week, but there was some hiccup there I still need to get to the bottom of or he’ll find himself doing a module over the summer months. Science is something he actually enjoys so when it doesn’t get tackled he tends to get flustered about it.

Jayde kicked off DITHOR with a biography this week, I was actually excited to see that biographies were scheduled first because his first true love is for non-fiction books. The manual is an interesting beast in that it has the feel of being written for large groups, perhaps even school settings. All the same, we’ll keep with it because there is a reason I made this purchase. I will say I was impressed to know that my boy knew the difference between a biography & an autobiography since it was something we mentioned when he was 6 or 7. I did end up opting for the lower level of this as well feeling it would really be wiser with his VPD & to help build up that confidence. It’s also nice that the expectation of pages to read is discussed when a book is introduced. This allows him to know what he’s in for from the get-go. The only real downer was that due to the rougher start to our week he wasn’t as far along in his book as the manual may have expected so it was a little difficult to fill in the character sheet on this book. All in all though, he’s given all of his new work thumbs up, & coming from this kid is REALLY high praise.

Next week we’ll add our other subjects back in & be off at full kilter again. 

Achieving Balance as a Work-at-Home Parent

Achieving Balance as a Work-at-Home Parent

Parenting will always be the hardest but the most fulfilling work. Despite of being hands on to their children, they still wat to achieve things in their fields. To do these two things simultaneously, they work at home and still be a parent to their children. This idea sounds so great but it could also be a disaster if not enough effort will be exerted. Greater conflicts might arise in this kind of set-up so parents should make sure to make the right decisions every day.

            Parents should set guidelines for their children, other people in their household and even for themselves to maintain order and balance in the house. It takes greater self-discipline to achieve success working at home. Usually, parents who work at home are free lancers, they earn according to how they will work or to the number of tasks that they will be accomplishing. With that, they should avoid distractions that might be brought by their children, the media or the things in their house. They need to manage their time well, make use of it productively.

            Parents working at home should also be careful of how they multitask. Working at home will always tempt parents to spare some time for their children; this is not a bad thing, but they should always know the difference between “quality and quantity”. It is just okay to focus on their work first before spending time with children to make it a more meaningful one.

            Greater expectations are given to those parents who work at home because people are expecting them to have more flexible schedules. Sometimes neighbors or colleagues might invite them for some events and activities for volunteering that might put their work time at stake. On the other hand, having such event or activities would be a great time for them and their children and an opportunity for them to set an example to their children.

            Indeed, if a parent will be given a chance to work at home, they will surely grab it to have greater time with their children.

Differentiated Instruction in Education

Differentiated Instruction in Education

Students are diverse in terms of their cognitive skills, their socio economic status, their learning styles and many more. Because of that teachers should be aware that no single strategy or method will fit all his/her students.

In a diverse class, the differentiated instruction will be teachers’ effective tool. Differentiated Instruction used in classroom discussion involves more students and encourages more participation from the students during recitation and activities. There potentials will be maximized through different instructional materials and activities. Most teachers know about differentiated instruction as an effective tool during discussion, but, they are not aware that it is an effective toon for assessment as well. Students who are fast learners needs more and advanced assessments for them to utilize their skills. For students who are slow in understating the lessons, they need assessments that will exercise their minds and will lead them to understand the lessons. Also teachers should give different kinds of assessments that will cater not just their minds but also their skills and creativity.

Students, whether smart or not that smart, deserve to learn. Teachers should never give up to their students. With effort and love, they can make a difference in the lives of their students.

New Curriculum

I’ve been stalking our postal delivery guy for the past 12 days waiting on this very order. I placed it on the 7th of April, it shipped officially on the 10th & we watched the tracking as it moved across the USA & then into Australia.

I have to give a huge shout out to Heart Of Dakota {HOD} for their tracking. It’s amazing! Seriously, I’ve never had a parcel come to Australia where I could track it beyond it’s port of entry. That includes parcels I’ve paid triple digits for shipping on. I’ve always figured if I pay extreme prices on shipping it should arrive in a golden box. While I couldn’t track this parcel all the way to the point of delivery I knew when it hit Australia, I knew when it cleared customs, flew out of Melbourne, & when it landed in Tasmania. Pretty impressive, & knowing when it landed in my state made it easier to guess when it would arrive.

The boys were still recovering from the whole dairy fiasco, so I’d sit in the library after getting Mr S off to work, & watch out the window for the daily delivery truck. Yep, I’m pretty lame like that.

It arrived on Friday with 2 delivery men in tow, our normal favourite fellow & a new fellow. We had 2 boxes from HOD & one from CBD. I’d originally planned to place 2 ordered with HOD & one with CBD in an effort to keep all my purchases under the set Australian limit so I wouldn’t be slapped with a 30% tax on top of what I was already paying. HOD was amazing to work with though & had me place one order & then broke it up into smaller shipments for me which was a huge relief for fear I’d mess up orders.

Actually, I can’t rave enough about the HOD customer service. Seriously, amazing. I was emailing back & forth with them a little bit to verify a few things with them before ordering. They allow substitutions if you already own books, so I was able to swap out MOH3 which we own for Morgan’s science book for the 17/18 school year. So so awesome!

Morgan & I unpacked all 3 boxes. It took us a bit as the books arrived wrapped in paper, with lots of extra bits of paper in there to protect everything. This photo is nearly everything that arrived. The CBD box had a science kit in it that we opened up to verify everything was there & in great condition before we packed it right back up & popped it on the bookcase until it was needed. 
I also ordered The Art Of Argument from CBD because I wanted the DVD to go with it.  I heard pros & cons about the DVD, but when possible I try to get Morgan DVD or CD options due to his VPD/Irlen. It means he can maintain his independence while keeping the paces set by the schedules. We’ll see how it goes. I’m keen to watch it with him, but the reality is I might have to watch it on my own. This kid is a mover & likes to stick to his schedules!
We ended up ordering Morgan the World Geography for high school that HOD offers. We left the choice up to him because in the end the work is his to do. He was really torn between using Core 200 from Sonlight or moving to HOD. There were a few reasons that led him to make the switch: HOD offers notebooking pages & he really loves that aspect. He loved the idea of the Mapping With Art book which speaks his language: maps & art!  
There were a few other reasons too especially the idea of missing out on a few books that Core 200 would offer him in the literary department. I reminded him that he could use that list to read through any time he wanted, just because a book is on a curriculum list doesn’t mean he has to save it for school.

In the mean time I’m really excited about his choice! There are some nerves involved because with SL he’s been able to utilize Learning Ally for many of his books which has been extremely helpful with his Irlen, HOD uses a different variety of books & most aren’t available in that way. However, I really love the work they have the student do in order to show what they’ve learned both in history & literature. We’ll see how it goes, it will be incredibly weird not to be using Sonlight, but I suspect we’ll be using Core 400 before he wraps up his school career.

All up Morgan’ won’t start any of this until September. He’ll wrap up Core 100 & his other choices for this year before jumping into this. We’re both really excited about it, but he’s relieved he gets to finish what he’s doing first. Ahh, that’s my box checker!

Jayden’s pile isn’t much smaller here, but he will start on Monday. I’ve mentioned elsewhere that Jayden was moving because we felt it was the best choice for him. I didn’t see Sonlight as a viable option for him for high school at this point. Jayden is our non-fiction lover & he’d rather be doing as opposed to reading & I was really concerned that using the high school levels with SL would be a walking disaster.

With that in mind I was looking through our HOD catalog that had come in the mail that very week & realised that if we were going to make the switch sooner was better than later. All curriculum companies who offer history work at different paces & it can be hard to make changes without having a child double up on materials. Jayden had just finished up MOH 1 & this was the perfect time to move him into HOD’s Resurrection to Reformation which picks up where MOH 1 leaves off.

Again, I’m really excited about the choice, where as Jayden is nervous. He saw the pile of books & immediately felt overwhelmed. I’m guessing I’ve just never placed all his SL books in front of him at one time. He generally has his 2 spines & his reader. Other books just suddenly appear when he needs them. Ha!

So we pulled out just the books he’d need to start with & that helped him feel a little better about things. Again, this level uses notebooking pages, which I appreciate as a way for the kids to have a record of their journey. However, I also feel that these show the kids which ideas to focus on which helps to build study skills for down the road.

My only real concern with this level is his science which is certainly below him, but he’s not done a year of official Earth science yet so it may be some new material to him. It’s a perfect tie of year for Astronomy as well with the dark nights. We like to curl up in quilts & crawl on the trampoline to see what we can see. He’ll also move through that book pretty quickly & then hit some material that I know will be reasonably new to him.

If you looked closely at the photo you might have also noticed Drawn Into The Heart Of Reading {DITHOR} which I opted to purchase to use with my boy. He is not my reader, he’s not super keen on reading & it can often be hard to pick books for him. I decided I really wanted to try out DITHOR with him to help expose him to a variety of genres & help him see there can be value in both. It’s advise to go a bit below their reading grade level so you probably noticed 2 student books. I wanted to have both in case the level I selected was way below him. I do think he’ll enjoy many of the titles that have been selected, & the first book is a Biography which is right up his alley.

His programme came with audio cds, one of which he’ll listen to weekly. He’ll have a few research projects, hands on projects, & so on. There will certainly be a bit of a learning curve for our boy, but I’m hopeful it’s one he’ll rise to & enjoy. I guess we’ll find out in the coming week!