Learn how to do this popular trend and put your photos all over your house.


You’ll Need:

Light colored wood piece

Matte gel medium

Mod Podge  (your choice)

2 brushes (bristles or foam)

Bone folder

Scissors (in case trimming is necessary)

Scrap paper



Laser-printed image to transfer (in reverse because you’re going to be laying them face-down on the wood)


  1. Cover the work surface with some scrap paper.
  2. Apply thin layer of matte gel medium on the wood piece. Then lay your photo face-down on top of the wood very carefully.  Smooth out and flatten to release air bubbles underneath your photo.  Let it dry for at least 8 hours.
  3. After 8 hours or more, take your towel and get it wet with water. Squeeze out excess water.
  4. Press the wet towel on top of the photo transfer. Make sure the photo is completely soaked.
  5. Rub off the white paper of the photo using your fingers. Let dry to see and peel off the remaining fibers to your photo.

  1. If there are still some fibers on it, moisten your transfer a bit and rub the fibers, then, let it dry.

7.    Using other brush, apply Mod Podge to seal the photo transfer.  Dry completely.

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