There are some factors that may cause the student to misbehave in the classroom, but this list may be the possible motives for misbehavior. 

They are seeking for attention.  Acting out by making fun of others, swearing, simply being uncooperative are a few ways to seek attention.  This leads to conduct bullying with hopes that they can catch attention from others.

They have a temporary malady. Students who are misbehaving may have some kind of temporary illness.  A child who is overly tired, sick, hungry or sleepy is likely most to misbehave.



. The students who are a power-seeking student are those who constantly argues and refuses to follow basic rules intended for everyone.  They want things in their way and acting inappropriately makes them feel powerful.


Encounter problems with the curriculum.  The teacher’s teaching style may cause conflicts with a student.  If the lesson is not suited to their learning capabilities, they may not feel challenged and may mentally withdraw out of the boredom or frustration.

Lack of Self-Confidence.  A common fear of failure occurs when a student feels that he cannot possibly live up to any expectations. These students misbehave as a way to avoid participating in any school activity that may lead him to failure.

Poor Classroom environment.  Poor seating arrangements may result in behavior issues.  The atmosphere in a classroom like high level of temperature and noise are all distracting factor in a classroom that basically a burden in learning experience and one cause of misbehavior.

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