Learn how to marble paper using nail polish.  I found this easy, super fun and also inexpensive than the other ways of marbling.


Nail polish (several colors)

Toothpicks or skewers

Warm water

Disposable pan

Water color paper

Plastic gloves to protect your hand


  • Fill a disposable pan with an inch of water.


  • Slowly pour the nail polish into water, using one color at a time. Pour some polish at different spots.


  • Once you have all the colors poured, swirl the nail polish colors together until you get that mix you want.


  • You’ll have to work quickly making your pattern before the polish gets dry – you only have a few seconds.Carefully press the paper face down in the water to cover the item on all sides. Once the paper has picked up the color, remove it from the water. Lay the paper aside or clip it to a clothesline to dry.


Marbled paper may be used for scrapbooking, wall art, wrapping paper or frame as art.

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