What are the effective techniques that can help students control their emotions?

Eye contact.  Sometimes students misbehave because they feel that they are not being heard or seen.  If you show all of your attention on them with your eyes, it will build a bridge of understanding.  After   mentioning their name and catching their eye, make some conversation.  Try to get their mind off with negative emotions by asking and telling unrelated comments that will distract them.  Saying something that has nothing to do with the situation may help them to get them out of distress.

Breathing.  Ask them to focus on your eyes, hold their hands and teach them intentional breathing.   It can help promote emotional self-regulation and clear thinking in any situation.  It can be used to relieve anxieties.

Touch.  Hold the hands and squeeze for a few seconds.  Let them do squeezes to your hands too.  The sense of touch makes them comfortable and helps them to let out that negative emotion.

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