This is not a Joke This is 100% real Giant Chicken and making everyone eager to know about this….


Giant Chicken  (Brahma Chickens)

The name is from the Brahmaputra River in India. Some speculates that the Brahma was developed from the Chinese Shanghai and the Chittagong during the early days of settlement in California.  The Light and Dark Brahma Chicken has been recognized in the American Poultry Association’s Standard of Perfection since 1874.

The Brahma chicken is often referred to as the “King of All Poultry”.  This breed stands out because of its great size.  The roosters can weigh up to 12 pounds and the hens weigh close to 10 pounds.  They can be found in 3 colors varieties:  the buff, the dark, and the white or the light. The Light Brahma Hen has white base, and with black hackles edged in black and white tail.  The Light Brahma cock’s saddle feathers are striped with black.  The Buff Brahmas have the same pattern of black as Light Brahmas, except it has a golden base color instead of white.   The Dark Brahma Hen has a dark gray and black penciled coloration with same hackles as the light.  Whereas, the Dark Brahma Cock has a black base tail, and black and white hackles and saddle feathers.

Brahmas are adaptable to most climates.  With their heavy body and thick feathering, they would be tolerant to heat during the summer and the Brahma hens do not pant or show any distress than any other birds in a flock.  Providing them shade and water is necessary, anyway.  They are cold tolerant, too. The feather covering on their shanks and toes helps them deal with cold temperature. They thrive best on dry and well-drained soil.

They are calm and submissive.   Since they don’t object too much to being held, they are easier to catch! They can’t even run fast or fly low fences easily.

Brahmas are considered as a superior winter-layer, they lay eggs from October to May.  Their eggs are large and medium brown in color.

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